22 Two Wives

Alex spent the rest of the day with Chae-Yeong and Jung-Hyun until finally it was time to pick up Min-Ah, where he retrieved the girl from her school. He had something which he needed to tell her and decided to do so with her older sister at a more appropriate place. Thus, after waiting for Su-Jin to return from her work, Alex gathered the two sisters together in the living room of their family's home.

"I have a surprise for the two of you, so if you're not busy, how about we go for a drive?"

The two sisters looked at each other with confusion on their pretty faces before agreeing to do as Alex had asked. Where they entered Chae-Yeong's car and drove across town to the center of Gangnam, where there was an exceptionally tall skyscraper.

After parking in the residential lot of this building, Alex led the girls inside, where they took a private elevator up to the penthouse suite. The two of them were surprised that they had come to such a luxurious apartment complex, but they remained silent throughout the journey until finally Alex unlocked the door to his new residence.

Once inside, the girls were astonished, as the penthouse came fully furnished with the most lavish furniture and appliances that money could buy. There was even an infinity pool on the deck, which would allow them to gaze upon the city of Seoul while swimming.

Neither Min-Ah nor Su-Jin could believe this penthouse belonged to Alex, and they were quick to inquire about why they were here.

"Alex… Don't tell me that-"

Before Su-Jin could finish her question, Alex nodded his head with a charming smile on his face before confirming that this was indeed his own place.

"That's right, Su-Jin, this is my new place… Although I'll still live with the two of you and our mother at the family home. But if we ever need a place to get away from it all, we can come here. Let me show you around!"

Alex had only briefly stopped by the penthouse after obtaining it to get familiar with the place, and thus he gave his two stepsisters a tour of the duplex, before finally taking them to the master bedroom. Where he sat the two women down on the bed, before speaking to them in a soft tone.

"I have been thinking about how best to reveal this to you, Min-Ah, and I have decided the best way to do so is to just outright say it. Noona and I are together… She and I have developed feelings for one another, the same way that you and I have… And I think I have a proposal that can make all three of us happy…."

Min-Ah had already suspected for the last few days that something was going on between her Unnie and her Oppa. She had just been waiting for Alex to tell her the truth, thus she did not seem too upset at this news, and was instead eagerly waiting for the man's proposal. However, when he finally spoke, his words were far more shocking than either of the two sisters would have expected.

"I love the both of you very much, and know that I am capable of both protecting and providing for you both. Thus, I thought that the best way for the three of us to proceed is for me to properly propose to the both of you. Min-Ah, Noona, won't you two be my wives?"

Alex truthfully did not feel love for the two women, at least not at this time. He was, after all, just a playboy who had been transmigrated into a netorare manga. However, he knew exactly what these two women wanted to hear in order to become secure with this polygynous lifestyle. Especially Su-Jin, who was far less open-minded than her little sister about the whole thing.

And because he had decided to properly makes these two young women into his "wives", they would be able to lord their status over the rest of the women that Alex fucked on the side. Of course, both Min-Ah and her elder sister blushed when they heard this. At first they couldn't even look at one another, but then Min-Ah grabbed hold of Su-Jin's hand and nodded her head in silence confirming, that it was indeed alright for the both of them to be with Alex.

Since Min-Ah had taken the initiative to accept this offer, Su-Jin could no longer come up with a reason to decline, and thus, they leaned forward one after another and kissed their man, and in doing so accepted his "proposal" to become sister-wives.


While Alex was getting properly acquainted with his new "wives, " his stepmother was sitting at home while drinking a glass of wine. She had not been told about what Alex and her daughters were doing, only that they were going out. However, much to her surprise, the doorbell rang for the second time on that day, causing her to open the door, to see her husband standing in the doorway with a rather submissive look on his face.

John immediately bowed his head and apologized to his wife for the way he had been acting. Hoping to restore their marriage to the state it was prior to his phone call earlier that day.

"I am sorry, Chae-Yeong. I have been an incredible fool, and acted in a way which disrespected you, my wife. May I please come in, so we can talk this over?"

Chae-Yeong was debating whether or not to actually let John inside her home. She was still not entirely over his previous actions that occurred earlier in the day. But, when she really thought about it, her marriage to John was the only thing keeping this family together. And if they could not fix their problems, she may never be able to see her son again.

Thus, with a heavy sigh, Chae-Yeong opened the door fully, allowing John into her home. Unlike with Jung-Hyun earlier in the day, she did not offer the man a drink, nor did she sit down on the sofa. After all, she did not want the man to think she had calmed down. And thus glared at him while leaning against the counter.

"What do you want, John?"

John grimaced when he heard the hostile tone in his wife's voice and was quick to apologize for his actions that had so upset the woman.

"You were right. I should not have called my ex and informed her about the problems Alex is having. That was a foolish thing to do. You are my wife, and the boy's mother. I should have been more open to you about my thoughts regarding Alex and his recent change in behavior.

It is just that I do not know how to bring up some of the things I have seen happening to between the boy and his new sisters…"

Chae-Yeong raised her brow. Naturally, she was aware of the relationship between Alex and Min-Ah. But John had said sisters, as in plural. Meaning that something was also going on between Alex and Su-Jin. Thus the mature Korean beauty was quick to ask about this.

"What do you mean?"

John looked rather nervous, as he admitted to what he had seen earlier that morning while walking past Alex's room.

"Well, this morning, when I first awoke, and walked past our son's room. I saw that Su-Jin was in bed with him and was performing a rather sinful act."

This news was rather stunning to Chae-Yeong, as she did not know that Alex and Su-Jin had already progressed to that stage. She had suspected something the night before when the two returned home late, but she had told herself there was no way that Su-Jin would get to be with Alex before her.

However, now that John was apologizing for his actions, Chae-Yeong was starting to reconsider her plans to sleep with Alex. The guilt she had previously been burdened with over being attracted to her stepson had now begun to resurface as she sighed heavily while collecting her thoughts.

Yet before she could properly do so, John spoke of an important matter, one which Chae-Yeong did not even think about.

"By the way… It is getting late. Where are our children?"

It was only now that Chae-Yeong realized what time it was. It was already past midnight. And yet Alex and the girls still had not returned home. Just what were they up to? They couldn't all be together… as in "together" together, now could they?

The look on Chae-Yeong's face told John everything he needed to know, causing him to scramble for his phone, as he activated the tracker he had set up on his son's own cellular device. He immediately noticed that Alex was in the most expensive part of town, where he cried out their location aloud.

"It says here that Alex is in Gangnam. What the hell is he doing in such a place at this hour?"

Chae-Yeong instantly knew that something was wrong, and was quick to grab her coat, before asking her husband to drive her to the location where her stepson and daughters were at.

"You drive!"

With that said, John and Chae-Yeong had departed from their home, and drove across Seoul to find their missing children.


When John and Chae-Yeong finally arrived at the destination that was listed on the map. They were surprised to see that it was a skyscraper, not only was it a skyscraper, but it was a skyscraper dedicated to luxury apartments.

They could not fathom what their children were doing in such a place, but the phone tracking did not lie. Thus, John and Chae-Yeong entered the building, where they found that at such a late hour it was practically deserted aside from security and the receptionist.John immediately asked the receptionist, who was an attractive young woman, if she had seen his son.

"I don't mean to be a bother, but my son hasn't returned home tonight, and it shows on my tracking app that he is currently in this building. You wouldn't have seen this young man, now would you?"

The receptionist took one look at the man in the photo and instantly recognized him. After all, how could she not? He was the most attractive white man to enter the premises during her shift. Thus, she immediately asked for some ID before disclosing whether or not Alex was currently in the building.

"Do the two of you have ID?"

John quickly pulled out his driver's license, and so did Chae-Yeong. And once the woman had confirmed that John was indeed the father of Alex, she raised a finger and grabbed hold of the phone.

"One moment, please!"

After saying this, the receptionist dialed the number to Alex's penthouse. Where, after several moments, the other end picked up. The receptionist blushed before speaking her thoughts aloud.

"Mr. Smith, your parents are here to see you. Would you like to speak with them?"

After a few moments, the young receptionist nodded her head, before passing the phone over to Chae-Yeong. There was a bit of an embarrassed expression on her face as she did so.

"Your son would like to speak with you…"

Chae-Yeong immediately picked up the phone, where she heard the noise of a young woman's moans on the other end, accompanied by the sound of her eldest daughter's voice.

"Yes, Alex! Breed me! Give your wife your white babies!"

This caused Chae-Yeong to flush in embarrassment while she asked Alex what he was up to, despite knowing full well what the man was doing.

"Alex, what is going on? Who is that with you?"

There was an arrogant tone in Alex's voice as he responded to his stepmother's comments.

"Why don't you come up and find out?"

Chae-Yeong nearly dropped the phone, as she heard these words, and looked over to her husband, who was quick to ask what was going on.

"What's going on? Are they here?"

The mature Korean beauty ignored her husband as she asked the receptionist for Alex's room number.

"What room are they in?"

The receptionist picked up the phone and confirmed with Alex if it was alright to give the room number to his parents. She then whispered to Chae-Yeong where Alex and her daughters were. By now, John had put two and two together and carelessly disclosed his honest feelings in a moment of fury, without realizing he mentioned his other daughters.

"Your daughters really are sluts! My actual daughters would never do such a thing!"

This comment had absolutely outraged Chae-Yeong as she looked over at her husband in disbelief and anger. The man had previously earned back some of her favor by apologizing for contacting his ex. Yet now all of that favor was lost. Not only had he just called Min-Ah and Su-Jin sluts, but the man had even mentioned his "actual daughters, " as if he did not consider his stepdaughters to be his family.

To a woman like Chae-Yeong, who had wholeheartedly accepted her husband's son as her own, there was nothing more outrageous than for her husband to not feel the same about her daughters. And thus she glowered at the man with a murderous gaze before chewing him out in front of the receptionist.

"Your actual daughters? What are you saying, that you don't view my daughters to be your own!?!"

John immediately muffled his mouth with his hands in realization of how much trouble he was in and was about to backpedal on his previous statement when Chae-Yeong pointed to the building's entrance and scolded the man

"You can go wait in the car while I find out just what the hell is going on!"

As much as John wanted to disagree with this demand, he could tell he was in the doghouse now. And thus he bowed his head in disgrace and obeyed his wife as he slowly left the apartment complex and waited in the car.

After John was gone, Chae-Yeong was quick to demand access to her son's private elevator, where she was escorted up to the penthouse, which the staff let her inside of. It was only after the two guests were no longer within earshot that the receptionist muttered her feelings about John aloud.

"What a bitch..."

Once inside the room, Chae-Yeong was amazed at how luxurious the place was. It was like something she saw on reality tv, a place where the filthy rich lived in. She did not know how Alex had acquired such a property, but then again, she also did not know how the man had gotten his motorcycle. There were so many mysteries to her stepson, and she was honestly afraid to learn the truth.

Chae-Yeong quickly made her way to the master bedroom. After all, the sound of her daughter's moans echoed throughout the penthouse. And thus, she pinpointed its exact location by following the noise. Upon entering the room, Chae-Yeong gazed upon a rather peculiar scene.

Min-Ah was lying on her back, passed out, with a river of semen flowing from her pussy and onto the bedsheets. Chae-yeong could barely recognize the girl because her eyes were rolled to the back of her head, while her tongue was out, leaking saliva all over her pretty face.

Meanwhile, While Alex was fucking Si-Jin doggy style while pressing her head into the pillow, as he came inside her. Once he had done so, she, too, passed out. Having just shot another load into Su-Jin, Alex quickly grabbed hold of sports drink and rehydrated. All the while his cock was still rock hard, and raring for another go.

Just when he was about to take another crack at Min-Ah, he looked over and saw his stepmother enter the room with an astonished look on her pretty face. With a smug grin on his face, Alex walked over to his stepmother and proposed an offer she found difficult to refuse.

"Perfect timing… Would you like to join your daughters, mommy?"


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