342 Chapter 342

"In the last three years, thanks to you and Keith, we have recovered better than our allies and enemies. And it is not sitting well with them, especially with the Solanari, Hazenborne, Mondini, and Jafarrys." Vladimir told her the crux of the matter. "Even Glasisius, who were keen on staying neutral after pulling out of the last war early, seem agitated."


There were seven existing Ancient Families in Magic City. Seven very old and powerful Ancient Families.

Solanari, Glasisius, Mondini, and Hazenborne were the most powerful, and sadly, three of them had never been on good terms with the Mourntale, and Glasisius was the last remaining house of a faction that had long been destroyed.

Of the six, only Ravenstein were Mourntales' ally. They had lost two of their allies in the last war and the cold war that followed. Belmont and Livenhart, were both eradicated. Their faction was undoubtedly at a great disadvantage right now.

Glasisius had joined them in the last war, only because they found the annihilation of Belmont unjustified, but they were forced to pull out as the war progressed and their faction kept suffering heavy losses.

"A dire predicament looms over their heads," Alaric informed her. "The reason why the Eastern Four had agreed to a ceasefire five years ago was so that they could recover some strength and then take on us and the Ravenstein in one fell swoop. But with your marriage to Keith, our Family's financial crisis was taken care of, and with your help, we recovered faster than they thought was possible."

"It's not the same for Ravenstein." Vladimir reminded her. "Their losses were heavier than ours, and now, they are the prime target of our enemies."

"You will be forced into the war because the Mourntale can not turn their back on Ravenstein." She understood the matter and watched Alaric and Vladimir nod their heads.

"However, there is more." Her grandfather narrowed his eyes. "In the last few months, Solanari and Mondini have lost several of their warriors and even three Elders who were investigating the disappearances. Someone has been targeting them." He grimly said. "And the blame is falling on us and the Glasisius, which has resulted in the Glasisius being forced to accept the alliance with the Eastern Four to prove their innocence."

"As soon as they agree, they will launch an attack on Ravenstein, which would undoubtedly result in their annihilation. With our only ally gone, we will be all alone. And if not immediately, sooner or later, they will come after us as well." Her uncle sighed. "I have been keeping in touch with the Head of the Glasisius Family, and he is trying his best to delay the imminent war."

Amelia knew that the Glasisius would not be very keen on joining the Eastern Four, after all, they had a deep-rooted animosity with Jafferys and the Hazenborne.

"Have you asked Glasisius to formally join you?" She looked at her Uncle, and to her surprise, watched him nod his head.

"It's the same as the last time, perhaps even more difficult. Glasisius need assurance that we would, at least, stand a chance to defend ourselves if not win the war." He revealed.

"Any idea who was behind the disappearances of Mondini and Hazenborne?" She had a hunch that something was in play that they all did not understand.

"No. It was not us. Ravenstein are in no position to do it. And Glasisius are not involved."

"Are you sure?" She narrowed her eyes.

"Yes." Vladimir nodded his head and Amelia accepted his words.

She knew that her uncle and grandfather were very capable leaders, and it was only thanks to their sound judgements that the Mourntale had survived the last war.

"How can I help?" She asked after a minute of silence.

"We don't have anything in mind. We wanted to ask you and Keith if this war can be avoided or delayed for a few years."

"Delaying and avoiding it would not solve the problem." She shook her head. "You will have to weaken the enemy or utterly destroy them to make them realise that war is no longer an option for them."

"We don't have the strength." Alaric shook his head.

Amelia too knew how powerful the Ancient Families of the Magic City were. It was truly not an easy thing to achieve, at least not for the Mourntale, Glasisius, and the Ravenstein. But for her and her family, it was doable.

"Contact the Glasisius and tell them to not agree to the Alliance." She turned to look at her Uncle and said. "The war will not happen, and if it does, Mourntale won't suffer. I will talk with Keith and will tell you how we can help you take care of the enemies."

She wanted to discuss these things with Keith and Rebecca before making any plans, but she was determined to help the Mourntale in any case.

As long as they were present in this world, the Mourntale would be safe, but if she wanted her birth family to survive after she was gone, she had to do something about their enemies.

Alaric and Vladimir were surprised at her words, but they both did not raise any questions. Truthfully, they were not expecting a lot. They also did not want to make things hard for Amelia and Keith. As long as Keith could help them avoid the imminent war, it was more than enough for them.

"Okay. But Glasisius need assurances." He reminded her.

"I will talk to you after dinner." She nodded and then excused herself from the room.

When she arrived outside, she found little Helena happily chatting with Victor, who was sheepishly smiling at the girl's incessant questions about his Esper Powers.

Rebecca had insisted that she take the musclehead with her even though she had thought she would not need him, now she was glad that he was here.


"Yes, My Lady." As soon as he heard her voice, the man immediately became attentive and respectfully replied.

"Where are Zoey and Alana?"

She had sent him with Zoey to pick Alana up and bring her here as the girl had requested if she could come over, having had a falling out with her little brother after she returned home.

"They are with your aunt. She is showing Miss Alana around the estate."

"And why does little Helena know that you are an Esper?" She gently asked and watched the man embarrassedly lower his head.

"I was practising, and she happened to catch me."

"It's fine." She smiled and then looked at her little cousin, who seemed quite happy. "You can show her more of your abilities."

"Yes, My Lady." He agreed to it and laughed when the little girl happily clapped her hand and resumed asking her questions.

Amelia let them be and started walking back to the Main Compound. As soon as she arrived in her room, she picked up the cell phone and dialled Keith's number.

"Good morning, Love."

A subconscious smile crept on her face when she heard his voice.

"Good morning." She greeted him back and then proceeded to explain to him everything that she had learned from her grandfather and uncle.

"I see."

"You don't seem surprised."

"It was expected."


"The one behind the disappearances of Mondini and Solanari is our acquaintance."

"Who?" She frowned.

"Yexuan Parker."

Amelia was stunned when she heard those words, her mind trying to make sense of what Keith had just told her.

She did not doubt him. If he said that it was Yexuan, then it was definitely him. But what she could not understand was why he would do it all, and how exactly was he able to take care of Aurors in the True Profound Realm and even in the Spirit Profound Realm.

"Why?" She could not help but voice the question, and she heard her husband laugh at the other end.

"Who knows what's running in his mind?" He uninterestedly said and continued. "I will contact Rebecca and will send Iseul over there. You can all decide how you want to deal with the enemies. I would suggest taking out Solanari and Mondini, but it's your choice. As for the complications, they will be taken care of."

"Okay." She nodded to him.

"Be careful."

"I will." She smiled and nodded, and after talking with him about how things were at his end, they ended the call.

Amelia could tell that Keith had deflected the question when she had asked why Yexuan would do it all, but she did not insist on asking him the reason.

However, what she was sure of was that the boy was not normal, and he was very much dangerous.

She frowned a little as she decided to keep Alana by her side and have her stay away from Yexuan as much as possible. The chances of her getting hurt seemed very low as Keith did not seem worried about it, but she still decided to take precautions.

Her train of thought was interrupted when her phone suddenly rang, and she smiled a little when she saw who was calling.

"Yes, Rebecca?"

"I am coming over!" The girl seemed excited as she said those words, and Amelia could not help but smile at her enthusiasm.

The blonde had been quite bored lately, but now she had something to play with. Dealing with enemies was her forte, and Amelia had no shame in admitting that Rebecca could handle such matters way better than she.


"Keep Alana by your side."

She was not surprised at those words.

"I will. When will you be coming over?"

"Should be there by dinnertime. Be safe!"

"You too."

After ending the call, Amelia put her thoughts to rest and sat down at her study table, once again opening the book of Architecture and reading it.

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