337 Chapter 337

Wednesday, November 15th, 2045

Demiliore Mansion, Griffin City, Netheria

"What brings you here, Mr Arya?" Keith smiled as soon as he entered the drawing room where Destiny's favourite child and a couple of his Shadow Guards were waiting for him.

It was an unexpected visit, but he was already finding it very amusing.

"Dr. Keith." Samrath stood up and smiled at him, stepping forward to shake his hand. "My apologies for coming unannounced."

"Please sit." Keith nodded to him and gestured for him to be seated, and then he poured himself a glass of water. "You were absent from today's class." He pointed out before he took a sip and turned to look the young Arya in the eyes. "Samantha's death was an unfortunate event, but you should not wallow too much over it."

Samrath lowered his head at his words, but sensing that Keith only said it for his betterment, he nodded.

"I understand, Dr. Keith. Losing someone precious to you is not easy to get over." He sighed. "But the reason I did not attend the class was not my grief, but an attack on me by the Wislaw Family."

"Are they dead?" He straightforwardly asked, placing the glass back on the table.


"Someone important?" He guessed, but Samrath shook his head.

"I am not sure. It was the second attack on me, and we did kill a man at the peak of Spirit Profound Realm on Monday evening, likely to be an Elder." It was an honest reply, and then Samrath raised his head and met his eyes. "However, they were blaming me for the death of their Young Masters."

"Is that so?" Keith chuckled as he shook his head. "That's disappointing." He sighed.

His guests were a little surprised at his reaction, and it made them frown as well.

"It was I who killed the Young Masters of the Wislaw Family." He revealed to them, and their shocked expressions were not a result of the revelation but the fact that he admitted to it so casually.

They already knew that it was likely to be Keith who took care of them. But their surprise and shock soon wore off as they were aware of Keith's true identity.

He did not really need to lie about it. Wislaw could do nothing to him.

"They know it as well." Samrath sighed and then lowered his head, leaning back into the couch. "But they can not target you, so they want to put all the blame on me and make me the scapegoat."

"I understand." He nodded. "Have you contacted your family?"

"I have. Father wants me to return to India."

"They can not do anything to you if you leave. But if you stay here, they will continue to come after your life." He lightly said. "Wislaw are very Powerful. Not as Powerful as your Arya Family when it comes to beneficial connections, but their strength is greater than yours." He informed the Child of Destiny who raised his head and met his eyes. "And they would not care if you belong to the Arya Family. They have their pride to keep before the other Ancient Families, and since they operate only in Netheria, they don't care much about your family's influence."

There was a minute of silence following his words as Samrath and his Shadow Guards digested the facts.

"I can not leave." The Child of Destiny shook his head, making a decision.

"Samrath..." One of his Shadow Guards, an elderly man, tried to persuade him, but his mind was made, and his heart was already set.

"I can not leave as I need to get back Sunaina."

"Sunaina?" Keith curiously raised his brow. "Wislaw have her?"

Samrath met his eyes and debated if he should speak about it or not, but then sighed and shook his head.

"Not Wislaw, but Ozell." He revealed.

"Ozell?" Keith frowned. "Why would Ozell collaborate with Wislaw? They are rivals and have not been on good terms for over a century now."

"They are not working together." He shook his head and then proceeded to tell him everything that had happened in the past few weeks.

Keith was a little impressed at how Samrath had come clean in front of him, not even uttering a single lie or hiding anything. Then again, this Child of Destiny was the epitome of Good, destined to become the Doctor of Light in the future, so he was not really surprised.

"So it was Sunaina who accidentally killed the Heir of the Rovic Family. And you took the blame on your head to save your lover." He sighed and shook his head. "And she hid from you that she was an Ozell."

"Please don't doubt her sincerity, Dr. Keith." Samrath urged him. "I know her. And she did not reveal it because she disliked her mother and maternal Family and had never kept in touch with them. She did not consider herself an Ozell, and she talked to her mother for the first time in over a decade, and it was to ask her to help me."

"Well, she might be sincere to you, but she is definitely one silly girl." He chuckled and then picked up the glass of water to finish it. "What do you want from me?"

"I need information on the Ozell and Wislaw," Samrath replied, and Keith kept looking him in the eyes.

"Just information?" He asked again and watched the Child of Destiny nod his head.

Even after knowing that Keith had indirectly implicated him by killing the Young Masters of the Wislaw Family, he did not ask him to solve the trouble he had caused or make things right. All he wanted was information so that he could deal with things himself. Truly a noble Child of Destiny.

"I think what you must know is that the Sect of Ozell consists of eight families and all eight of them are linked by blood. They don't marry outside their families, and in their history, outside marriages have been a very rare occurrence." He smiled. "They lack the connections that Wislaw possess, thanks to isolating themselves, but their strength is equal and they are also a very respected Ancient Family."

It was all that Samrath was already aware of, and he frowned as he tried to understand what Keith was implying.

"If you think they would let go of the decision to have Sunaina marry her Step-brother and the future candidate to replace his father as the Sect's Head, you might be mistaken." He clearly told him. "And it is clear that they consider Sunaina important, otherwise, they would have not bothered with her."

Samrath felt a little unwell as he listened to his words but still nodded his head in understanding.

"Her mother made a mistake, and they are probably trying to tie the ends now. Rubina must be trying to rectify her mistake by bringing back the Ozell Blood in the family." He guessed and then looked Samrath in the eyes. "And there is nothing wrong with it, and one can't blame them for it."

"We love each other, Dr. Keith. And we have already promised ourselves to each other." Samrath helplessly said. "I can't give up on her, and she might try to take her own life if she is forced to go through with this marriage. I know her. She won't be able to bear the pain."

Silence reigned after his words, and no one spoke for a few minutes.

"I see." Keith finally nodded his head. "You want the information, right?"

"Yes." Samrath nodded his head and then attentively listened to his words.

Several minutes later, the young Arya and his Shadow Guards wore very solemn expressions.

"I told you that Wislaw have greater strength than your family. And Ozell are equally strong as them." Keith smiled as he saw their downcast expressions. "You will be committing suicide if you go through with this."

And he had not lied.

According to the plan of Destiny, it was meant to take the Mir and Arya's joint efforts to handle the situation, but Kashish belonged to him, and Mir owed nothing to the Arya Family that they would help them with something so serious.

However, Keith knew that Destiny's plan had changed, and even if no one helped the Arya, Samrath was still destined to win the war for his love.

"War is not an option..." One of the Shadow Guards spoke but was cut short when Keith started laughing.

"War is always an option if you are brave enough." He said. "Fortune favours the bold. Your family has always believed in those words."

Even if the elderly man wanted to argue, he did not dare, and Keith's words helped Samrath calm down as well.

"War is an option, but an undesirable one," Samrath spoke. "I will have to convince Ozell to let me marry Sunaina."

"It might come at a very great cost." Keith reminded him but watched Samrath clench his fists.

"I will know when I try." He lightly said and then stood up. "Thank you for the information, Dr. Keith."

"No worries." He nodded and then watched the three men bow to him and turn to leave the room. "Mr. Arya."

Samrath had just opened the door when Keith called out to him.

"Yes, Doctor?"

"Wislaw will be taken care of. Just focus on winning your love. I won't help you in that battle." He smiled.

Samrath and his Shadow Gaurds were utterly shocked at his words, but when they finally regained their composure, the Child of Destiny respectively bowed to him.

"I will always remember your help, Dr. Keith."

"It is fine. Go." He nodded his head and stood up as well, and then just turned around to walk to the other door.

He knew that Samrath would forever be indebted to him for his help, which was exactly why he was doing it.

Keith was sure that he would earn some Fate Value by taking care of Wislaw and making Samrath owe him. But most importantly, he wanted to take some caution against Destiny's revised plan.

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