325 Chapter 325

"Doctor Keith." Samrath smiled and stepped forward when Keith and Kashish exited the car. "Thank you for coming."

"No worries." Keith nodded to him and then smiled at the timid girl with pigtails, who was standing behind Samrath. "Your father will be fine, Miss Reid."

"You know me?" She surprisedly looked at him.

"Only the distinguished live here in the Griffin Society. I have heard of your father, and he has penned down some of the finest movies in the last three decades."

"Oh." She felt a little silly and lowered her head.

"Shall we see the patient?"

"Please." The girl, whose name was Samantha, led them inside the Manor, straight to the room where her father was resting.

"I see that you have already prepared," Keith smiled when he saw the old man lying on a table in a deep sleep, his vitals stable and secured. "Good job " He nodded, and Samrath politely smiled at him, a little surprised that Keith could tell it at just a glance.

"Please excuse us, Sammy," Samrath asked the girl, and she obediently nodded to him and took one last look at her father before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

"Let's begin," Keith said and walked over to the table, over the old man's head, and then placed his fingers down on the old man's shoulders.

Samrath and Kashish both stood on either side of the patient and both of them lightly grabbed onto his wrists, inspecting and observing the changes that had started taking place as Keith started with the Aura surgery.

They were keeping a very keen eye on the old man's state, but their focus was primarily on Keith and his procedure.

Kashish was in awe when she sensed Keith create thousands of miniature Aura Needles inside the old man's body, and Samrath was just stunned.

He had always considered himself very talented, and he was not being supercilious, he truly was a talent that people were in awe of. But now that he witnessed Keith perform an Aura Surgery with a technique that he would have never considered, he felt humbled.

It was not some Profound Technique or a secret. It was quite a simple technique where Keith was using his Aura Needles to attack and eradicate the tumours little by little. But it was how he was performing the Surgery that was truly marvellous and near impossible for anyone else.

Neither Samrath nor Kashish had ever seen someone with such refined control over their Aura, nor had they seen or sensed an Aura so pure and potent before.

They did not even think that creating so many miniature Aura Needles directly inside a patient's body was even possible, and not once or even for a second during the Surgery did the old man's vitals adversely react.

It only took him fifteen minutes to eliminate the tumours, and right after that, Keith proceeded to use his Aura Needles to clean the blood of the patient and hunt down every cancerous cell by rejuvenating the old man's Immune System, leaving the two talented doctors in dismay and sheer awe of his Aura Control and potency once again.

He showed them how Aura Needles could be used to attack, destroy, absorb, heal, and rejuvenate in a way they had never before seen or would have believed was possible if they had not observed and sensed it happen.

An hour later, when Keith finished the surgery by calling out all the miniature Aura Needles from the old man's body through the pores that existed on his face, making it appear as if the old man was doused in glitters, he willed it and his Aura Needles simply vaporised in the air.

He smiled when he saw the frowns on their faces.

Both their pride had taken a severe hit.

The gap between them and him was so vast that they would even feel embarrassed to call themselves doctors in the future.

"Did you learn something?" He suddenly asked, catching their attention, and they lowered their heads as they realised that they did not learn much or even understand how Keith was able to create so many Aura Needles of that size and control them simultaneously. "It's fine." He shook his head. "You will one day be able to do it too if you practice hard enough on your Aura Control."

However, he did not tell them anything about the practices that would help them in achieving that Realm of perfection.

Before the two of them could ask or say something, the old man opened his eyes, a little confused at what was happening, but his eyes widened when he stared at Keith and his mind regained some clarity.

"Master Demiliore!" He abruptly sat up and got off the table, recognising the young man who was standing over his head, and when he saw Keith smiling, he politely bowed, confused as to why Keith Demiliore would be coming over to see him.

However, when he glanced at Samrath, he remembered that the young man had talked about a doctor who would be coming to treat him in the evening.

"This..." He did not know what to say, and then suddenly his stomach made a loud noise, yelling at him to eat something, which left him a little ashen in the presence of these youngsters.

"You need to eat. Soups would be great." Keith spoke. "I have taken care of the tumours, and you are no longer in danger of being diagnosed with cancer again." He informed the old man, who looked at him in disbelief.

"I am very grateful..." He managed to say, not really convinced that he was fine, but a little hopeful that it would turn out to be true.

"It's fine." Keith pointed out his doubts, making the old man feel a little embarrassed. "Your daughter is anxiously waiting for you outside the room. You should see her. And you can get your tests done tomorrow to clear your doubts."

"My apologies, Master Demiliore. It's just that..."

"I am a doctor and so I understand. Don't worry about it." Keith cut him off and patted his shoulder assuringly as a senior would do to a junior, but the old man Reid felt better after it.

Samantha was then called inside the room by Samrath, and the girl was soon bawling in her father's arms in happiness at seeing his ruddy face once again.

"Please stay for dinner, Master Demiliore." Callum Reid requested after he introduced himself to Kashish, but Keith shook his head.

"I am expected at a dinner somewhere else." He informed him.

His words weighed heavily on the old man's heart, and then he insisted that Keith stay there for a couple of minutes to allow him to show his gratitude.

Even though he could not be sure about his state, the old man Callum did know that someone of Keith's stature would not play a prank on him. He felt quite refreshed too, something he had not felt in a long while, and so, he was willing to show his gratitude to his benefactor.

A few minutes later, he returned to the room holding a small chest.

"I know it would be disrespectful of me to offer you money, Master Demiliore. But this is one of the most beautiful things that I managed to get my hands on in this life. I hope you will like it."

He opened the chest and inside was a transparent yellow crystal.

"It's not a diamond, and I am not sure what exactly is it. But holding it in my hand always gave off a very refreshing feeling..." Callum spoke, and Samrath and Kashish's eyes were already widened in shock.

Others may not recognise it, but they hailed from Ancient Scholarly Families that had a very long history, and they recognised the stone at a glance.

"Thank you, Mr. Callum." Keith smiled and accepted the chest. "It is quite beautiful, so I would accept your token of gratitude."

"I am glad." The old man was happy that Keith was willing to accept it, not noticing the lost expression on Samrath's face.

Minutes later, inside the red Lexus, Kashish was staring at the Yellow Stone in her hands, curious about the sensations she felt from it.

"It's an Aura Stone, isn't it?" She asked.

"Yes." Keith nodded to her and heard her sigh. "They are not exactly as precious as you might believe them to be, but yes, in this world, it's hard to come across one."

"There are accounts of it in my family library. The last one any Mir saw was three hundred and twenty years ago at an auction, and the Arya Family had acquired it." She informed him. "The accounts say they it can be used to increase a person's lifespan."

"False." He shook his head. "Aura Stones are naturally formed and contain very pure Aura and life force, therefore, they exude a very soothing feeling. If you shatter them in your hands, you will be assaulted by this pure Aura, and some of it will be absorbed by your body, but not your Aura Nodes if you have not entered the Primal Desolation. However, if you have entered the Primal Desolation, your Aura Nodes will absorb it and you can refine the Aura that these stones contain, which would be quite beneficial to someone in the Mortal Realms."

"Oh." She again looked at the stone very carefully. "What would happen if I use it?"

"When the body absorbs the Aura, it is rejuvenated, but since your Aura Nodes are incapable of refining it at this time, the Aura absorbed by your body will eventually escape."

"It can help you recover your stamina?"

"To an extent, yes." He nodded.

Kashish nodded to him and soon lost interest in the Aura Stone. It was of no use to her, and she doubted it was of any good use to anyone.

Unbeknownst to her, the Aura Stone was exactly what a certain Arya needed as fuel for the treasure that he possessed, and right now, he was absolutely gutted that he had missed the opportunity to acquire it.

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