33 Chapter 33: Become My Plaything

Adrian's POV:

"Adrian, I Love you! Please make me your woman!"

Sylvia shouted, her body quivering and her eyes anxious as she looked at me, who was calm like a lake.


To be honest, I had an inkling of it when Sylvia brought me here in her hotel room, but when it actually happened, I was genuinely surprised.

I never thought Sylvia would confess so suddenly.

My original plan was to make Sylvia think she had to level up to unlock Archmage's full potential.

Which would force her to go into a nearby Dungeon Crack suitable for levels 1–10.

Then, I would leak that information to those three delinquent girls, who were also going to level up tomorrow.

Those girls who wanted to harm Sylvia would never pass up the chance to do so in a lawless place like a Dungeon Crack.

In light of this, a clash between these two parties and Sylvia's being in danger was inevitable.


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