30 Chapter 30: Charlotte is a Masochist? Or an Angel?

Since I thought we might be late today, I told Rachael and Sharon earlier not to wait for us.

Consequently, those two had already fallen asleep by the time we arrived at the villa late at night.

Now, Charlotte and I were the only ones at the dinner table.

It was then that Charlotte, who had been humming quietly throughout the way back so as not to disrupt my thoughts, spoke up.

"Master, can I ask you something?"

"Hmmm..." I nodded and kept eating.

Delighted, Charlotte asked with a sly grin.

"Master, do you like that girl, Sylvia?"

'Cough! Cough!'

Hearing those words, I nearly spit out the food I was eating, and wanted to reprimand this idiot for asking such a question so out of the blue.

But despite the rollercoaster in my mind, my body and face remained calm.

Putting the spoon back down on the table, I looked Charlotte in the eyes and asked back.

"You have any problems?"

"Should I reply truthfully, Master?"

"You want to lie to your master?"


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