503 Chapter 503: Encounter with Themarian Youths

"And then there's 5."

Riley raised both his arms in surrender—the newcomers, however, did not approach him at all even for a single millimeter. Riley even closed his eyes, but none still moved. After all, no matter how much Riley feigns surrender, it was useless because of the smile on his face.

"Themarians do truly look like humans."

And with no one moving or trying to approach him, Riley calmly opened his eyes, which immediately scanned the three themarians surrounding him. And as is it with Diana and Aerith, they were indistinguishable from humans—even more so for Riley now, because he had been seeing humanoids and species of all sorts of different aesthetics.

"State your purpose here, intruder."

The themarian that was right in front of him was the first to speak, and with the way he looked, Riley could even say he looked like of oriental descent; with his black hair and eyes, and somewhat petite stature. And like Fionn, he looked young.


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