304 Chapter 304: Hello


Riley slowly backed away from the two colossal ships; his eyes, darting back and forth between the two.

"Yeah, I don't think so."

And before he could even turn his head around, Megawoman's hand was already grabbing his face– pushing him back to the ship hard enough for the side of the ship to concave. But still, the two were not able to penetrate the walls as Riley stretched his hand to the side, almost pulling the walls back to their original state.


And before Riley could even say anything, Megawoman once again disappeared; only to return almost instantly as she plunged her feet on Riley's back– this time, pushing both of them inside the ship like a needle penetrating a ball of styrofoam.

Megawoman retracted her feet, causing Riley to roll several meters on the ebony floor that adorned the inside of the ship.


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