Villain Retirement

16 years old-- most boys would be falling in love, as their hormones all rise to unprecedented levels. Riley, however, at age 16... killed the world's number 1 superhero. Warning: MC is in the spectrum. Very Edgy.

Romeru · Urban
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1084 Chs

Chapter 293: Strange

"No… I've never really met Alice before? I might have occasionally run into her due to your father, but… yeah, no."

Diana's hum echoed long and soft throughout the house; her face, truly showing that she was thinking long and hard about whether or not she and Alice met with each other.

"It's really tragic what happened to her," Diana sighed, "But whatever the case is, and no matter how much of a bitch I might sound… I am truly glad you're here with us, Riley. You're my son and nothing would change that."

"Hm," Riley only nodded as he drank the glass of milk that Diana got for him. Diana also prepared a glass of water for Megawoman, completely forgetting that she was actually unconscious.