273 Chapter 273: Ownership

"N… no."

"F… fuck… I didn't say goodbye to my daughter today."

In the midst of the night, where everything was supposed to be quiet and peaceful– the whispers and somber screams of the people started to echo and flutter in the air. There was only supposed to be the sound of silence where they were…

…but now the sound of their heartbeats was enough to turn them deaf.

There was supposed to be no sound here– after all, the ones that previously lived here have died more than a year ago; all of them, millions of them.

…but now, the only thing that the people currently present was the sound of their own fear; eating away at them as the very cause of this silence floated above them. His silhouette, covering the little moonlight this desolate land receives.

"D… Darkday!?"

"Why… why is he here!?"



"It's a little tight, but nothing I can't alter, Miss Empress. I grew an inch taller since I last wore it."


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