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(Warning! Extreme levels of puns intended!) Living in poverty and never having the chance to enjoy his youth, Alan died in an unexpected incident. He then wakes up to find himself as a side character in the novel he read as a child. "Welcome, chosen one! This is the world of Arcana!" "You have been bestowed with the title 'Girlfriend Thief'!" "Make the target woman submit to you using only your tongue and steal her from her boyfriend!" Will Alan be able to survive in this world of magic and monsters, using his new virile body? ---------------------------------- Additional tags: Smut-- Magic-- Handsome Male lead-- No NTR (only Netori) -- No Yuri --Vampire girls -- Elves-- Monster girls -- Demon girls -- Angels -- Dating simulator system -- Mind break ---------------------------------- "Some people think that money, power and looks is all it takes to keep their women from leaving them." "Some people think that women like gentle, kind and caring boys." "Some people think that any sort of roughness is a turn off." "But you are an exception, aren't you?" ~ Rosalind Stewart to Adam ----------------------------------- This novel does have action but most of it involves smut :D Reader discretion advised. ----------------------- None of my works are dropped, and I'll update all of them. But! Like a particular series and want me to update it more than the others? Just let me know in the comments!

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Watering a Step-Flower

"Elder brother, come visit us soon." Emily hugged me.

"We'll meet in the academy again. Thank you Adam, once again." Ken bent his knee as he thanked me like a true knight.

Last night, I detoxed Ken and put him in the carriage with the girls.

Siliana woke up soon after that and asked me why she was in my shadow.

I gave her a lousy excuse and changed the topic, explaining to her how I couldn't drive a carriage.

She told me that it wasn't a problem and that by blending in my shadows, she could control my actions and help me ride the horses.

My screen showed me the directions and

That is how I drove the carriage here.

Currently, we are standing at the main gates of what the screen calls 'Adam Bigcoc's home'.

"It's fine. You don't have to thank me. I did nothing really." I smiled at Ken.

Actually, I would have been happier if you just died.

"Adam…" Laura handed me her handkerchief.

Ken and Emily got shocked by seeing Laura do that.

"Oh thanks, but I don't have a runny nose right now."

Is she giving me this to wipe my semen? Wow, she's far sighted. Maybe I misjudged her.

"Young master, please enter the Mansion. The Lord is waiting for your return." The butler bowed and told me.

"Yeah alright. Also make sure they reach their homes safely." I had tasked him to drive the carriage and drop my gang off.

"Yes, please leave it to me."

I turned to look at my friends again.

"Well then see you all soon."

"Yes Adam. See you soon." Ken shook my hand. His face had a hint of sadness.

"I'll miss you elder brother." Emily hugged me one last time. " Also, please tell Emma I said hi."


Who is Emma?

[Emma Bigcoc is Adam Bigcoc's sister]


I have a sister?!?!

"Take care Adam." Laura stood like an elegant lady and smiled at me.

Her smile felt new, something she hadn't shown me yet. It felt weird seeing it after what she did last night.

I nodded and waved them goodbye as they left.




"Hah! Pretending to be the good guy is so tiring!" I sighed.

"That blondie likes you, huh?" Siliana poked her head out of my shadow.

"Hm? What do you mean?"

"She gave you her handkerchief."

"Yeah. Why did she do that? I don't have a cold right now."

"Don't you know? Noble ladies do that when they want to meet someone again. The cloth she gave you is a sign of that. When a lady hands a gentleman a piece of her cloth, the man must keep it clean and return it to her when they meet again. It's a gesture of love."


So she basically declared her love for another guy in front of her boyfriend?!?!

Nice. Maybe I truly did misjudge you Laura. You're perfect to join my harem.

But giving me a hanky when I can't hanky panky with it feels somewhat cruel to me.

"I'll give her hanky back to her.

I'll make sure to give 'it' to her nice and clean."


"Wow, you look good even when you lick your lips." Siliana complimented me.

"Uhm, so when are you leaving?" I asked her.

"Leaving? I have nowhere to go... Your friend killed my group and now I can't even work anymore." Siliana started sulking.

"Ah, it's not like I want you to leave." I patted her head. "It's just…you have to keep yourself hidden if you live with me."

I don't know what will happen if people find out about her but my 'PP senses' are warning me that it won't be anything good. Not for my PP at least.

"Ah! Don't worry about it! I am a master at stealth! Since my succubus powers had been dormant for so long, I trained myself as an assassin to make up for it. I'm used to living in the shadows."

"Well, alright, if you say so."

I'd feel better to have Siliana with me when I wash my body, an extra pair of hands can always help, if you know what I mean.

"Wow, your tongue is so big!" Siliana looked at me as I unwittingly licked my lips again.

"Ahem!" I coughed. "Let's go now."

I proceeded to enter the BigCoc mansion.

The place was huge! It was full of gardens and small ponds.

Was my father filthy rich?

"Hehe. Time to usurp the throne and take his money."

Soon I came upon a gardener and a little girl. He was a middle aged man watering the flowers with a hose while she played around the garden beside him.

Maybe they were playing tag because the gardener was trying to chase her occasionally while she dodged him and then when he failed, he proceeded to water the flowers again.

"Ah… such a beautiful scene."

It reminded me of my orphanage.

Then the gardener shifted his hose and sprayed all over the little girl.

Her clothes got wet and the small thin whitish pink dress that she was wearing became see through in an instant, revealing her baby white skin.

"Ah… such a beautiful scene."

It reminded me of jail.

The gardener then dropped his pants and walked towards the girl with a drooling face.

"My lady…hah…your clothes are wet…hah... We must change them now."

"Uung?" The little girl looked at the gardener with her finger in her mouth.


I slammed a rock on the gardener's head.

"How dare you old man?!

Me first!"

The gardener lost his senses and passed out.

"My lady!" a female maid came running towards us.

"Kyaaaa! The gardener tried to attack My Lady! Guards! Guards!"

In a moment, multiple knights gathered at the scene.

"What has happened here?" A guard came and asked.

"My lady Ophelia was about to be attacked by the gardener! Young master stepped in and saved her!" The maid told the knights.

"Oh young master Adam!"

"Young master saved our lady?!"

"Young master Adam did?"

They all looked at me in shock.

Then they bowed to me immediately and thanked me.

"Thank you, young master!"

"Thank you for saving our lady!"

Why are they thanking me?

I only stopped him because he tried to cut in line.

As a professional lingerie enthusiast, I should be the one to change her clothes.

My screen opened up.

[Adam Bigcoc's faction is at war with Ophelia Heart's faction. Ophelia Heart's knights are thanking him for saving their lady]

Ophelia Heart? I don't know anyone named Ophelia from the novel.

[Ophelia is Adam's little step sister]

Whaaat? I also have a step sister?!?!

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