Villain's Rise: Conquering all the Heroine's Friends First Book

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Villain's Rise: Conquering all the Heroine's Friends First


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[The Devil System is currently idle] [Waiting for conditions to fully activate...] [Calculating...] [...] [Progress Towards Activation: 99.99%] ... ... [Progress Towards Activation: 100%] [Initiating System Launch...] [Excecuting Order: 88123182831283821381381841284] ??? "Wait for me. Then, we can start again~" Oliver was a super genius student of the Ideal Human Project. Whilst he doesn't have the strength that other espers have, he has a different type of strength. Suddenly, he would find himself kicked out, thrown into the cold, harsh world, to be abused by all those around him. However, his life was far from over. As a human calculator and a master manipulator, he can control all of those around him. If there's one thing he understands best, it's how to make a girl fall in love with him. However, due to several oversights during the Ideal Human Project, he is left with only fragments of his memory. For he is only a fragment of his former self. But if there's one thing that runs in his blood, it's the ability to make any girl fall in love with him. He wields the powerful [Devil's Sword], given as part of his Devil System, which gains strength from intimate interactions. As he gains more and more power, will he finally find the secret that's been hidden from him all these years? Will he find the girls that started it all? This is the story of Oliver Ruth.