Tamer of Beast Book

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Tamer of Beast


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Mwezi is your typical southern young adult, college graduate. Trying to make it to next pay day, still lead some kind of personal life all while dodging Sallie Mae as best she can. By a seeming act of God, as her Memaw would put it, she gets an offer to travel abroad with a team of Paleontologist who are looking to study a new discovery of fossils in what would have been ancient Mesopotamia. Needing someone of her expertise on such short notice gives Mwezi a shoe in for the position and she’s on her way across the world to lands unknown. The discovery is found in a cave that was uncovered in an old mine. Upon surveying the different gems and precious stones there is one in particular that calls to her. Upon picking up the stone for further investigation she was teleported to a new world, Kuhama. Kuhama is a world plague by an imbalance of the male to female ratio (there are 10 to 15 males for every female) and because of this polygamy/polyandry is practiced by everyone. In her attempts to find a way home she runs into various male shifters that seek to claim her heart and become her mate while there are women who will do anything to take Mwezi out and claim her males for themselves. Will she find her way home or will she truly fall in love with the men who pine for her heart?


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