Village Building Order Frenzy
novel - Eastern Fantasy

Village Building Order Frenzy

Lazy Bird

Ongoing · 306.1K Views

What is Village Building Order Frenzy

Village Building Order Frenzy is a popular web novel written by the author Lazy Bird, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 306.1K readers with an average rating of 3.93/5 and 41 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 40 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Zhang Yang receives a peculiar Village Building Order and triggers a series of bizarre missions. First, build a village in this fantasy world and ensure its survival for 300 years. Second, establish a base in this post-apocalyptic world and protect it from being overrun by a billion zombies. Third, found a kingdom in this game world and guarantee its existence after 300 years. Fourth, form a clan in the immortal world and make certain its heritage remains after 3000 years. Zhang Yang exclaims: “Save me! This Village Building Order is insane!”

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Is it just me, or does no one else see a synopsis?


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


I have already read this novel raw on qidian. First of all, the MC will be summoned in a world where he has to built a village,which will last for 300 years. During that time he had to face opponents from completely different races who will try to destroy his village by killing him. Now main problem with this story is that, they will introduce the real world to this fantasy world by saying that, a organisation know about the summoned humans and they are fighting for human race to survive from extinction.Story becomes repetitive and then goes downhill.


SO from small bad synopsis to none __________________\_________________________\_________________________\_________________________\_________________________\_________________________\_______


The writing style of the author is impersonal. It doesn’t let me immerse myself in the world and it feels like I’m just reading a documentary. The author is also very insistent on shoving information at you over and over again. C+ soul, increasing difficulty, feels bad but I’m calm, 800 something people died before me... Yeah, yeah. As if you haven’t written that for 5 times already. It’s not worth reading and this goes to show how Webnovel is choosing books that are deteriorating in quality


I cant say im a fan. I found this book lackluster at best. The MC has this strange lack of concern for his lackies, and their characters are as flat and dead as paper. The lackies are also very willing to throw their lifes away by following the impulsive desisions and orders of the "village chief". I could understand it if these people are genuine NPCs with no thoughts of their own, but if so, i can only imagine the boring future of this novel. I will probably not continue this novel.


Fun to read The MC is just an ordinary guy who suddenly got transported into the middle of nowhere. He does get scared but he's decisive. Understandable. Can't say much about the plot for now but his cheat is akin to having an RTS system in real life. He could recruit soldiers instantly and they even level up. Looking forward to the reaction of the natives once they interact with the village.


Author Synopsis with no Edit:- Zhang Yang got a strange order to build a village, and then triggered a series of strange tasks - to build a village in the fantasy world, to ensure that the village will still exist 300 years later. Build a base in doomsday to make sure it's not overrun by a billion zombies. Build a kingdom in the game world to ensure that the kingdom will still exist 300 years later. Establish a sect in Xianxia world to ensure that the inheritance will continue after 3000 years. Zhang Yang: help! It's crazy to build a village!


This Novel is quite interesting. Mc goes to another world and build village, kingdom e.t.c which must be last 300 year. Story quite good.. MC have to face different enemy and race who wants to destroy the village or kingdom. but later story is because sometimes like repeat in middle. I strongly suggest you read this novel or Levi hates you. also give it a like for Levi.


This is a review of the first twenty-seven chapters. The story is based in a magical world where different civilizations are fighting for dominance. The main character, Zhang Yang, is bound to a village building order(a system) and has to build up a village that can last for 300 years along with other tasks inorder to return home. Many of the antigonists are also bound to a similar village building order. The plot feels like a story version of the game Civilization. The Protagonist’s character fluctuates between a laid-back acceptance and paranoia. Even with the author’s explanations, not all of Zhang Yang’s decisions make sense. Overall, the story is entertaining and doesn’t require you to understand how the “system “ functions to enjoy it.


I don't know why this novel has a low score evaluation. I very much enjoyed the first 14 chapters. The novel events are very intense and interesting from the get go! Please give it a try and don't hesitate to read it because of the low score. I hope this novel be selected for publication .


Hahaha... this novel is interestingly exciting!!! "Crying tears of....(left at your own imaginations) [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp]


Synopsis sounds good I guess? 😀 -------------------------------(((((((((()) )) )) )) ))) )) ))))))) ))))) )))))) ))) )) #) #) #) #) #) #)


So many kingdom building novels on this site never get the chance to develop, really hope this can be an exception. (Will update if it doesn't live up to expectations)


Interesting storyline with great translation quality. Kept me reading on and on. Hope this novel gets picked! *Need to hit word count........................*


A narcissistic person like me would always try to find faults even in the best novel and grumble about insignificant things. However, this novel is really something, a real attention-seeker. This novel is one of the few ones which made me stay awake until 7 a.m. in the morning. Let me tell you! Going to sleep at 7 a.m. is not good! Webnovels usually lack the tension which classic novels have, despite the heavy bloodshed and horrifying monsters. But this novel fulfills that. Although we know that the Protagonist is obviously going to create his own village in the future, the Author doesn't simply let his creation grant that wish easily! The Protagonist is tested, again and again. The tension is high in the beginning, and you can't help but root for the Protagonist. The world around him is very ruthless, and antagonists are extremely scheming. A thing worth applauding is that although the tension in the plot is similar to classic novels, the flow of the story as well as wish-fulfillment factor does not deviate from the standard web novel pattern. Western web novels and their writers, for example, The Wandering Inn, does not provide this. Although the writing is good, it provides no wish-fulfillment. I hope this novel gets picked and we get to see what our Village Head does in the future!


would really recommend this one to anyone should be very interesting and elaborate in the later chapters........................................


I like this new book alot. Different take on village building. Author also keeps MC grounded in his growth. it's not just OP as hell system shenanigans


I quite like it. Its a nice story and it can definitely be good as the story progresses. Its a good base building story and is has a very quick pace.


its got potential and it's alright it's has some small kinks other it's fine along with being apart of the small number of kingdom building novels which I wish there were more of


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