Verstronia: The Tale of a Split Soul
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Verstronia: The Tale of a Split Soul


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What is Verstronia: The Tale of a Split Soul

Read Verstronia: The Tale of a Split Soul novel written by the author Forestwind3 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, campus. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Verstronia: Dreamless Story or VDS. Currently, the most popular MMORPG of all time with over 8 million current players at its peak. Boasting a large selection of multiple unique characters to choose from, each with their own unique storylines, Set within the same world stage known as Eruvia, characters are able to interact with another character from their POV. Aaron Amano is one such player of VDS. Due to a rare chance, Aaron becomes one of the first players to become a VDS Beta Tester. When VDS first launched, like the other Beta Testers, Aaron was excited to play. When it was time to choose a character, he chose 'the boy with a hidden secret', Ashe Daemon. However, Aaron didn't know, that Ashe was to be known as the worst and most unpopular character of all VDS. 4 years have passed since. After facing many difficulties and hurdles, Aaron had come to love playing as Ashe. So much so that Ashe had been the only character he ever played as. During his time playing, Aaron had met and became game friends with like-minded individuals who only chose to play their own favorite character. Using the guild feature of VDS, together they made [Vers Warriors]. Aaron truly lived a fulfilled gamer life. However, those happy days had come to a sudden stop. It was during the [Vers Warrios] first offline meeting. Due to their own discretion, the company which made VDS, Kami Productions, had announced that Ashe Daemon will be removed as a playable character. Devastated, if it wasn't for his guildmates, Aaron wouldn't have been able to move on. Thankful to them, Aaron felt the need to say it directly. It was then a sudden accident occurred. Aaron, along with his guildmates, all too easily lost their lives. ...However, this wasn't the end. [Eh!? When I had realized it, I had become a soul, but then I was split into two. Eh!? Where is this? Screen? What happened to my other half? Eh!? It became Ashe Daemon!??! A-reeee!?!?!] *I do not own the image for the cover. A rights to the image go to their respective owners. As this was my first novel, I have already finished updating my first volume as a daily release. It's more for fun than anything. I plan on keep updating but it will be more 2-3 days uploads.


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