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VENGEANCE OF THE RETURNER is a popular web novel written by the author TheNeorav, covering SYSTEM, R18, ADULT, HAREM, ANTIHERO, ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, HIDDENGEM, TRAGEDY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 509.7K readers with an average rating of 4/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 115 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After going through a dreadful dream.An ordinary college student named Nix wakes up finding his body drenched with sweat in a startle finding a message in front of him out of thin air. [Time shift successful] Followed by the message he hears a voice in his head saying that he is from the past to help him. From there on begins his dreadful journey to find the origins of his past. **** Word counts 1.5k to 2.5k This is not a reincarnation story So, dont expect memories of his past. Note: Mc is neutral chaotic at times a good guy and sometimes an evil-inclined kinda character which some people may find quite offending. *** ×Everyone in this world has a system. ×Unique System And here is a warning if you don't like a cruel and Ruthless Mc this isn't your cup of tea (Which will be after 80 plus chapters) [A\N- You will have to endure reading about an ignorant mc who will suffer for a whole volume. If you like a slow and satisfying growth this story is for you.] [WARNING]: Contains elements that may offend people by the character's actions and contains gore, violence, swearings, sexual, graphic contents, etc... (Plus the Mc's character is questionable, meaning some may find it annoying. Remember you are warned so, you are reading on your own accord.) Instagram: TheNeorav Join Discord serve for more discussion and questions: https://discord.gg/bFdkbuG873 Disclaimer: I don't own the image. The rights of the image on the cover go to their respective owner. If you need me to take down the image contact me.


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Hello there! This is my first book so, expect flaws. Alright, I will explain what you can expect. ★ The mc starts off as a weak ignorant character and grows stronger. ★ Neutral character- Has his own sense of justice and moral value which might be trivial.(Meaning sometimes a good guy and sometimes a bad guy) ★ Contains romance & Harem. [ Yeah harem, I know some people hate it, and some people like it. Anyway, the Mc won't be like other isekai protagonists. He takes the meal when it is served. the characters won't be useless or some bg characters they serve for the plot.] ★ Contains few H scenes. ★ The whole plot is planned yet sometimes the pace of the story may go disrupt. So, Expect the unexpected, I am writing anything which comes to my mind every chapter yet, I will be connecting the chapters according to the plot. ★ The story will be a long one. ★ Yeah, R-18 for gore, violence, etc... ★ Grammar errors- My grammar is bad since English is something like a third lang for me. ★ No info dumps. ★ Few meager mistakes. -Thank you and happy reading! ✮TheNeorav✮


Plain boring... Where's the Drive for vengeance? Where's the Urgency to get stronger? Where's the wisdom of a returner? Come on! Give the MC some life not like this passive kind of idiot. Like a protagonist or antagonist not like some background side character.


This is something different But I like it I haven't read all of the chapters yet but soon far it a good book. I look forward to the chapter to come Wild Bunni[img=recommend]


Author is very helpful in answering questions/comments troughout the story but this review is about the book not the author. Warning- some spoilers Im at chapter 50- sometimes the mc care about people(he kills his own faction guy for raping women) then 2 chapters later he force 20 people to suicide. One second he make a deal with the most cruel god to sacrifice one hundred souls then the next he want to save 4 prisoners.. This MC sooo wishy washy mentality its a joke Second he is constantly abandoned and hunted by everyone and everywhere he goes, in the first 30 chaps women spit on him, push his head into ground and whip him and then men pee on him...After he survive that he meet a women who told him she was watching everything and made a deal with her to help her lmao without even knowing anything about her nor the world he is in.. he trust to easy.. not to mention im at chapter 50 yet he doesnt even know how to use basic mana/how to fight /how to use his powers/how to use his system. Also EVERYONE he meets call him newbie because he is stupid and doesnt know anything yet he does 0 eFfort to learn anything. Sigh my conclusion great story but worst worst wordt most stupid frustrating mc possible


Is there any harem or romance. If there is then this story won’t be for me I will read and se if there’s any harem And I hope it’s gore ....??.????.?.??


just so bad in many many ways. no satisfaction and even his cheat goes out the door. why bother calling him a returner and I don't know just too dumb of an mc it's not believable


The book is okay. Pretty middle of the road. There are good points, like the world building however the flow feels wonky and a bit jumpy and the grammar whilst decent compared to some of the novels on here, alongside the flow make it pretty hard to read. But I do believe there is a good amount of potential, the author definitely needs some practice as it can be a little boring and the characters a bit odd. Like he's in India, why exactly is he called Nix? His friend Nagendra should never be that calm in an accident, no matter who you are there is always an initial panic and worry.


A very good novel to pick up, Although there are a few grammar mistakes, i'm willing to look past that since english hard. The novel grabs your attention from chapter 1 and keeps you engaged all the way through but most importantly, this novel is home to the legendary Patrick. A man so legendary that his name will be passed down for centuries to come. As much as i would love to go on a essay long rant on the mega-chadliness that only makes up a fraction of Patrick's godly appeal. I feel it more important to bring up that this novel is a hidden gem that only gets better as you go on, even if it's partly due to Patrick.


Author I will give you the highest review that I can give, because not only did you write an interesting and amazing novel, but you also made me wish that, I didn't discover this novel until a year later so that I can binge read all the chapters.


This is not normal lovestory. but very different one what I read regularly but still catch my attention.. It's a gaming story( that's what I call it) where some normal people got stuck inside the game and try to make a way out. plot is nice. characters are designed carefully. background is also explained in easy way. This is author's first book and taking in consideration that English is not author's first language small grammatical mistakes can b ignored. story is little bit on gore side. I like overall concept and characters.[img=recommend]


I give this 5 stars I usually didn't care about mistakes or grammar error. Once I enjoy reading story it excites me the most. Let's back to the story, traveling time, is like a dream come true if you have something you want to change. You can do it just a snap of your fingers. Even if you make a multiple mistakes you can repeat it again and again and change it until it was perfect. I'm excited to know more about your story keep up the good work author!


amazing book by an amazing writer!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


To be honest you had me when you introduced Shiva as Shigon😂😂 Anyway, keep up the good work! Also have you considered posting on Wattpad? cuz i feel they have a good amount of appreciable readers there


It has poor grammar .... things keep happening and are not explained, they are just left there .... first I tought the author is doing it on purpose but after 30 chapters there are more and more things piling up, in a bad way..... and the mc is just badly written, I dont know if he is supposed to be so stupid because he had enough opportunities to find out what is going on or at least some things but its like he is avoiding the questions ....


este romance é interessante o suficiente para prender sua atenção. MC evoluiu muito ao longo da história, quero ver até onde ele pode ir. sua mentalidade ainda está se adaptando e precisa mudar até que ele descubra o que quer ser / fazer. Recomendo que você leia a história, tenha paciência porque o MC comete erros, sim, ele não tem o conhecimento de seu passado, ele é apenas um iniciante em um novo mundo sem ninguém para ensiná-lo.


So rushed. You dont know anything even if you read all the chapters. Story is a mess, feels forceful. Characters arent unique or should i say satisfying? Mc is always stupid, brainless and ignorant. Plot armor works in a very straight way that announced it at the beginning. Mc has op abilities but doesnt even try understand anything just goes with whatever comes his way, no hard work no talent no desire just plain boring. This is the first time i feel this hateful against a novel lol. You continuously feel frustrated reading this. My respects...


This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna read it so much. If this novel got some drive, then thanked God its still alive. This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes away from this. I need this novel like it's quite all right. I need this novel to warm my lonely nights. Just read this novel, cause I... say... Shameless Promotion: Check out my novel: Crowning Cruel Crow. Hahaha. https://m.webnovel.com/book/crowning-cruel-crow_18100192205265505


hmm, when I beginning read the prologue and first chapter. I already understand the story, but not all of it. When someone come from the future and the generic structure is quite interesting for me. You know what?, I love the story who have a genre like this.


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