810 Bullying Fei

Fei was taken aback by her master's sudden comment. She tried to think of a reply, but in a few seconds thought,

'Wait a second. If I say something, does it mean that I have indeed done something wrong?'

Fei was caught in a trap. She thought she was smart enough to avoid it, but with Lith pinching her nipples once again with more firmness, her body trembled and she shrieked.

"M-M-Master… hold on…"

Fei tried to negotiate with the Devil, but it failed as Lith rubbed his thumbs over the pink pearls and replied, "You didn't answer your master's question within a second, you've truly become a bad maid."

Fei became annoyed, frustrated, and rueful, all in the same instance. She was so confused that she didn't even know what to do.

Plus, her body was getting heated up in arousal!

'Damn it, master!' Fei cursed internally. If her master wanted to punish her, why doesn't he just do it already!? What was the need for teasing her like this?


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