1 Chapter 1: I Am Lucian Von Silver!

The thunder crashed outside the window; a beautiful boy with fair skin rolled on a narrow bed covered with countless sheets, his long white hair shimmering in the moonlight that peeked through the window.

Lucian Silva, the boy sleeping on a messy bed, was born from misfortune. He managed to escape and eventually began to live a life for himself. Into a life of horrible abuse, yet finally, within that chaotic whirlpool of hell.

"Lanza… I have failed you again, mother… why did you leave?"

Stuck in his recurring nightmare, Lucian began to call out unknown names as tears fell down his cheek.

His body reacted with a shudder before a loud bleeping sound began to ring out from the corner of his room, filled with lewd posters of his favourite heroines from the anime about the boy with a left dragon hand.

The best girls were the crimson-haired busty lady and black haired older sister.

Beep! The alarm continued to sound, waking him from his nightmare, yet Lucian was sure he once again forgot something important, the faces of countless women flashing past his dazed eyes before he threw a pillow against the alarm clock.

Elves, Arachne and a beautiful Orc who thought using storm and lightning.

"Why this damn dream again…." He sighed, before climbing out of bed, his body tight with firm muscles as he walked towards the mirror on the wall.

He couldn't see a face, despite the handsome boy looking back at him, making stupid faces, his shiny white teeth and brilliant red eyes that shimmered in the darkness.

This boy suffered from minor albinism; however, luckily, his skin wasn't too sensitive to the sun for some strange reason.

Doctors used this to make him a test subject, hoping to help others who suffered his fate; Lucian didn't mind because it earned him some money.

'Let's boot the VR unit and grab a bite to eat..'

Lucian walked down from his bed, kicking the spare clothes and used condoms away; sometimes, he would bring girls he met home to fuck, never asking for their number or taking details.

He seemed to be a handsome male, but for him.

Lucian only saw a monster without a face.

Briskly frying some eggs on his cheap cooking stove, salting them lightly with a second pan for some back bacon, the sizzling oil spitting onto his naked chest as he recoiled but was used to this kind of pain.

His chest was suddenly illuminated by the moonlight, showing his countless scars from what seemed to be a small knife, cigarette burns and several scars from medical operations.

Despite this, he looked seductive and carried a strange bad-boy charm that easily caused drunk women to fall into his lap; the cooker clicked as the timer ended.

"Phew, they didn't pop or burn; nice and crispy!"

Lucian celebrated his first meal of the day, not going bad, before scooping it onto a plate and pouring a black coffee from his filter machine.

Since he left it on all night, it might taste like crap, yet he still loved how strong and earthy this brand tasted after a whole night of brewing.

He took a long sip, carrying the plate to his loudly humming VR unit as the soft, slimy gel began to fill the tubes, its metal casing cooled by strange liquid nitrogen-like fluid.

Munch! He bit into the bacon, tearing the fat off with his teeth first, swallowing it with a grimace. Lucian didn't like the fatty parts, but the doctors said he needed to eat more fatty products or his ongoing weight-related trouble would start again.

"Fuck those nasty pills. They make me think I'm somebody else; who the fuck is Lucifer… He's just some random guy from those holy books… I thought I'd overcome my "chuunibyou" phase!"

Lucian tapped the panel on his VR unit, and a large screen popped from the side, allowing him to create his character for this new virtual reality version of an old RPG game based on a light novel.

'Let's see, going live in 300 minutes… Preloaded… Ah! Character creation, what does this game offer in the VR version?'

A bright screen popped up as he started to browse the presets imported by others; some were dumb, like a weird green fat ogre, with the tag "Chad" written.

He browsed for several minutes before finding a nice preset; the reason it was nice? The name!

'Lucian Von Silver? Well, that's interesting, the sound is the same, just a little different….'

He began to read the character's biography listed in the preset's information; thankfully, they copied the game and novel's background to give a clear picture for him.

A noble vampire, his mother just died a year ago, causing him to fall further into debauchery, despite trying to find the killer with all the shadow forces left by his mother to aid him.

'It was hopeless; the enemy was too powerful…'

This backstory was quite tragic because his beloved Finacée, who seemed to fall for the protagonist, didn't care for that guy. Carmilla was Lucian's childhood friend and sweetheart.

They grew up together and were two opposites, one a boy with low talent and a girl with the best talent in the kingdom, but still, she remained faithful to him.

She only wanted Lance to help her beloved Lucian to improve, inviting him to their adventuring party and then helping her to guide him on the right path.

Sadly, Lucian, who lost a lot of his solid thoughts and reasoning, believed she had betrayed him without bothering to speak to her first or try to mend their relationship.

Lucian Von Silver started a rivalry with the novel and games protagonist "Lance Armstrong", a half-angel with special starting status and powerful adaptability.

The result?

Lance skewered Carmilla, Lucian's fiancée, and the Lucian through the heart with his sword as she tried to save his life.

Thus ending their story with a tragic and heart-rending end.

"What a fucking idiot; why didn't he speak to her? What kind of fool doesn't trust the woman he loves and instead starts a fight with a random human? The hero to boot!"

Lucian shook his head, thinking that there must be a route for Carmilla to survive.

A few minutes later, he found one; it was the true end.

"So I'd have to be kind to Lucian and Carmilla, not missing a single choice until the end… Let's go because Rosa and Esther can be captured on this route."

His eyes skimmed the guide as his VR unit began to churn soft gel inside; he liked the feeling of this brand's gel because it felt like the lube he used for his Rias onahole, very sticky and dried slowly to avoid chafing.

His eyes looked to the clock; with more than a week off work, he no longer needed to care about time. The woman he slept with yesterday might call him in a few days, but whatever, she had his apartment number and could come anytime.

'Let's try this out, a world where I'm not Lucian Silva, the faceless, scarred monster.'

"But Lucian Von Silver, Haha! Well, not exactly. But Lance, who looks like that guy! Let's NTR Carmilla and make her mine. Hahaha!"

Lucian jumped into the warm gel that began to cling to his muscular body from his daily martial arts training and daily sex life.

The comfortable gel began to seep into his body; this would be able to keep him fed for a week at least, with two more weeks' worth of fluids stored in his second room that would automatically fill if it emptied for some reason.

He closed his eyes, looking forward to meeting that blonde busty beauty and making her his woman, no matter how hard it was.

'If only I were the real Lucian Von silver, then I could just throw her down and make her mine.'

Outside his window, lightning began to strike down around his home, a ghostly figure with eight black wings floated above his house, her eyes forlorn, wishing not to do this, but there was no other choice.

"Dear brother, I hope you forgive me for this one day."


The lightning rained from the sky; in a flash, it collided with his roof and travelled along the wires in his wall before arcing to his metal VR unit, sadly after less than two seconds, thanks to the gel aiding the thunder.

Lucian Silva was cooked alive instantly; his brain died before he even loaded into the game after modifying his character to be more like himself.

Maybe still dreaming of sleeping with Carmilla Van Scarlet.


Lucian once again dreamt a long dream; his sister became a goddess, and he was married to the queen of all vampires and the snow empress.

Countless delightful memories flashed past his mind; he saw a woman slain with black hair, golden skin and green eyes. This scene broke his heart, as tears fell endlessly until his dreams stopped.

Darkness and endless voices chattered on. Yet none of them Lucian's.

Ever since he could remember, there were voices inside his mind. They would speak about great deeds, murder and other horrible things.

Thanks to these voices, Lucian never felt alone, even with his horrible life and suffering through those events, thanks to that bastard and his weak-willed mother.

His eyes fluttered open, and slowly the sights were fractured as his eyes opened and closed several times.

'My vision is amazing. I can see things so vibrantly! Is this how good VR is now?'

Lucian didn't play many VR games, only choosing this one because his friend Brian told him how great the experience would be.

'Let's make sure to let Brian know just how amazing it felt after conquering the future countess!'

Moments after he entered the "Game", he felt something was wrong because there was no announcement like a game should have.

"Is it one of those super immersive games? Whatever, let's examine where I am."

He observed the room to find it was grand and opulent, with white walls adorned with intricate mouldings and gilded frames.

The floors were made of gleaming hardwood, and a plush white carpet ran through the centre of the room, with an overall colour scheme of white and silver, with silver candelabras, frames, and silver details in the mouldings and furniture.

Lucian stepped forward, enjoying the soft carpet as his slightly stiff body slipped off a strange black slab of stone that was eerie but comfortable for him.

'Strange, this doesn't feel like what Brian explained….'

Thankfully it was well-lit by a large chandelier that hung from the ceiling, casting a warm and inviting glow over the space.

A large four-poster with plush white bedding and silver accents lay near the back wall beside two large windows.

His chamber also featured a fireplace, a reading nook with comfortable armchairs, and a writing desk with a matching silver chair. The area was decorated with elegant paintings and a silver mirror hanging over the fireplace.

Thanks to the large windows that let in natural light and provided an outside view of the garden, it felt like a nice warm place. Lucian noticed the windows were adorned with silver drapes and sheers that could be drawn closed for privacy or to block the light.

Lucian felt the room was a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern comfort, providing a luxurious and comfortable place to relax and entertain guests.

"So, when will the game start? Or did I somehow fall asleep in the pod or something….?"

Silence, only the howling wind blowing the tree's outside in the courtyard.

'Hmmm, how come I can hear outside my windows? There are even the calls of animals and insects bugging me….'

He began to walk towards the large brown doors to his left, seeming to be the entrance of his room; somehow, nothing made sense.

"Wasn't Lance a poor orphan? Sworn to take revenge on all evil creatures? Hmmm… Strange!"

Lucian stepped forward before passing a mirror. The first thing he should have noticed were maybe the vampire fangs or his beautiful black nobles suit and clothing.

Yet the first thing he saw was something more simple for him.

So simple it brought him to tears.

"I-I can see my face!?"

The delight and euphoria brought by this one simple thing caused him to throw everything else out of his mind; for the first time in decades, a face was reflected in that mirror.

What was even eerier was that both his original face and the one of this character were quite similar, with one being more masculine and handsome, the other prettier and on the beautiful side.

His current face was a perfect balance of the two, so much so that he mistook it for himself and accepted it despite the strange situation.

'Whether this is the game or a dream. I don't care! Since I can see my face, feel the heat from the light and taste the scent of the air.'

Lucian's fist's gripped together, and his strong muscular arms ached a little, clearly not his normal body. He tried to remember the game's commands because he had never read the tutorials or instructions.

'Well, whatever!'

"Let's explore the world and find out what's going on later!"

'Wait a minute….'

Suddenly he stopped looking at himself, turning around once again.

He observed the room with a keen eye.

Super handsome. Check!

Check! Noble room.

Lucian then looked into his pants to see a mighty dragon, even while it slumbered, equal to his previous life. 'Nice going!'

Big cock… Check!

He opened the wooden door, twisting the hand with a slow pull, to reveal a dark corridor void of life and dark red carpets.

"Oh, man…"

Lucian realised something; he's not "Lance Armstrong" with a "Lucian Von Silver" preset applied, but instead.

'I am the man himself… The weak ass cuckold…!'

His body was tight and firm; thanks to being a vampire, it was almost impossible to become a fat vampire unless you had poor blood or were an ugly bastard from an NTR game.

[Finally, you stopped being a self-obsessed idiot!]

[Welcome to the World of Eruvia, freedom and enjoyment are the rules!]

[The Seduction System is your weapon!]

"Oh? A random sexy voice sounded. Are you my guide that Brian mentioned? Nice. Can you get a real body? I'd love to have intimate conversation's with you!"

[Shut up and accept the system's gifts, you damn man slut!]

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