Chapter 1, Energy Points

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Morigin era, year 832.

Rumble! Rumble!

Patter! Patter!

Lightning flashed and thunder roared, rainwater dripped continuously from the eaves.

The water droplets smashed onto the stone floor, shattering and splashing like pearls falling onto a jade plate, resounding with crisp and pleasant sounds.

Inside the room under the eaves, a young boy, not yet ten years old, lay on a simple wooden bed, his face pale and wrapped in a washed-out white quilt.

In a corner of the room, by the stove, a frail young girl stood up.

As lightning sparked, the faint light from the broken window spilled onto her. She stood not more than five feet tall, with fair skin and a naive, slightly delicate, facial appearance and wore a set of gray linen clothes.

Not bothering to wipe the sweat from her forehead, she carefully poured the medicinal soup from the stove into a prepared clay bowl before hurriedly approaching the bedside.

"Xiaoyun, the medicine is ready. Once you drink it, you'll get better quickly."

The girl gently blew on the spoonful of soup and, trembling, brought it to the boy's lips as she whispered softly.

At that moment, a streak of light pierced the sky, shining brilliantly and dazzlingly, and for an instant, outshining the flickering lightning and illuminating the gloomy, dark sky like daylight.

"Drink the medicine, Ayun, drink the medicine!"

Anxiously trying to get her brother to swallow the medicine, the girl didn't notice a wisp of divine light flying into the room and merging into the boy's brow.



The boy's throat moved slightly as he swallowed the medicine, followed by the sound of the girl's surprise and excitement:

"Little brother…"

Lu Yun only felt a sharp, tingling, numb sensation throughout his body as if every bone and muscle had separated. Accompanied by this indescribable pain, he gradually sensed a torrent of chaotic information merging into his consciousness.


Spirit Creek Village.

Cloud Dream Mountain.

Lu Yun woke up slowly in a worn-out room.

In that instant, a series of sporadic memories flooded his mind, both strange and familiar.

For a long time, as the memories digested, Lu Yun's heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Excitement, joy, worry, fear...

"Transmigration has always been a legend. I never thought it would happen to me today."

Since he had come, Lu Yun quickly accepted the reality that his soul had crossed over.

By coincidence, the person his soul had transmigrated into was also called Lu Yun.

According to the memories in his mind, this was a world of martial arts, where sects contended, aristocratic families vied for power, regional governors battled, and bandits roamed unchecked.

Furthermore, demon beasts occasionally launched beast tides, wreaking havoc on the mortal world.

The original owner of this body was an ordinary farmer's boy with a weak constitution. After a severe illness, his consciousness faded and was replaced by Lu Yun!

"It truly is a wondrous world..."

As Lu Yun slowly sat up and prepared to get out of bed, the door suddenly creaked open, and a frail figure appeared in his vision.

"Xiaoyun..." Overwhelmed with emotion, the girl immediately rushed over and tightly embraced Lu Yun, her eyes moist.

"Xiaoyun, you finally woke up. If you didn't, your sister wouldn't know what to do."

"Sister..." Lu Yun whispered softly, feeling the girl's excited tremble and the heartfelt, most genuine emotions deep within her.

He knew that from now on, he would have to bear all the consequences of this body.

"Sister, be careful, I can barely breathe." Lu Yun soon realized something was off; Xiaoyun's sister, Lu Yu, became increasingly overexcited to the point where she ended up squeezing the breath out of him.

This body was already weak and exhausted from just recovering from a serious illness, making it difficult for Lu Yun to concentrate on his thoughts.

"Ah, it's all my fault. I got too excited. Are you alright, Ayun?"

After letting go of Lu Yun and seeing his pale face and slightly gasping breaths, Lu Yu asked him, worried.

"It's okay, just needs some rest. Don't worry about me, sister." Lu Yun reassured her.

"It's our fault, both mine and your eldest brother's. We didn't take good care of you."

Lu Yu stood up, opened the window, and sunlight poured in, illuminating the entire room instantly.

Bathing in the gentle sun, Lu Yun's body also became warm and cozy.

"My body has always been like this. Over the years, it's only thanks to my elder brother and your hard work and care that I've made it this far. I'm already quite content with how things are now," Lu Yun said with a smile, comforting Lu Yu.

A small-scale beast tide occurred ten years ago, affecting Cloud Water County and surrounding counties, and causing significant damage to Spirit Creek Village.

Lu Yun's father, a member of the village's beast hunting team, died tragically under the hooves of the demon beasts.

Lu Yun's mother, pregnant for ten months at the time, was affected by the chaos, harmed her foundation and gave birth to Lu Yun prematurely, ultimately passing away.

Due to prenatal distress, Lu Yun was born with insufficient constitution and weak, sickly health.

At that time, his sister Lu Yu was only four or five years old,

And his brother Lu He, not yet eight years old, had to become the breadwinner of the family.

Although both his brother and sister loved Lu Yun tremendously, always saving the best for him, they could do nothing about his congenital deficiencies.

It could be said that Lu Yun was lucky to live to be ten years old.

"Sister, where's my older brother? Why haven't I seen him?" Lu Yun's face changed slightly.

"He went to take the Hunting Team trials. As long as he passes the trial, he'll become a member of the Hunting Team, and our family's living conditions will improve." As she said this, Lu Yu's face visibly relaxed, and she looked forward to a brighter future.

Her brother waking up and her elder brother joining the Hunting Team seemed like everything was starting to take a positive turn.

"The Hunting Team?" Lu Yun's face showed a hint of expectation.

The Hunting Team was the protective force of Spirit Creek Village, and every member a powerful martial artist.

They possessed great strength and enjoyed the best treatment.

Unfortunately, all this had nothing to do with Lu Yun.

His innate deficiencies and weak constitution made it exceedingly difficult for him to become a martial artist—ten times more so than ordinary people.

"Even after crossing into such a world of martial arts, am I, Lu Yun, still destined to be an ordinary and mediocre person?"

A feeling of desolation rose in Lu Yun's heart.

"Xiaoyun, this is a soup made from blood ginseng. It will help your body recover."

Lu Yu poured the medicinal stew made from blood ginseng on the stove into a bowl and handed it over.

After hesitating for a moment, Lu Yun eventually took the bowl with both hands.

He had frequently drunk this blood ginseng soup in the past, but its effects were limited—it barely maintained his life, not fundamentally treating his ailments.

To lessen the burden on his family, he had refused to take the soup for the past year.

Now, this new Lu Yun had a different soul and naturally wouldn't refuse it.

Given a second chance at life, he didn't want to give up on any shred of hope.

As the blood ginseng soup entered his stomach, a flash of light appeared before Lu Yun's eyes, and a screen of light emerged in his field of vision.

[Energy Points: +1.1]