2135 Top Ten on the Primordial Leaderboard, Tianshen Chang, Elder Dragon Chengtao, Who Is in the First Place

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The appearance of the Hongmeng Leaderboard surprised everyone.

Names were listed on the leaderboard, and the cultivators whose names appeared on the leaderboard received the blessing of fortune that sparked jealousy and envy.

Soon, the top ten on the leaderboard was revealed.

Somewhere in the Great Hongmeng Universe, a young man in white robes looked at the name ranked tenth on the leaderboard. 

His brows slightly furrowed. He was not frustrated but was not entirely satisfied with the result either.

"Tenth place? That's it?"

A mystical aura appeared on him.

It was the blessing of fortune from the Great Hongmeng Universe.

The blessing was so strong that it surpassed those who had appeared on the leaderboard.

The young man was Shi Long, the tenth place on the Primordial Leaderboard.

Being ranked tenth was already an honor, but it was not enough for him.


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