1 The Dream Ch. 1

I was reatless I didnt understand. My body was exhausted from all that training that Conner was puting me through, but for some reason my brain wants to stay up. I tried closing my eyes focusing on the sounds around me. I could hear the sound of rain falling outside, and the gently thud it makes when it hits my window. I had always loved the sound of rain it was always soothing especially when i felt restless on nights like these. Slowly my body started to relax and my mind started drifting off into mindless thinking. Sighning into the silent air as I found myself comfortable position. my mind carried me off to a dreamlike state where I could barely hear the whisper of my name being called. I scrunch up my nose in confusion wandering who the voice could belong to. All of the sudden i started to feel cold water hitting my face I slowly open my eye's scrunting so that they can adjust. I found myself in the middle of a field where there is rain pouring down. I reach out my hand and watch the rain droplets fall to the ground. I pulled my hand to my side as i scanned my surroundings. Thats when i spotted a lille girl aimlessly walking around with a panicked look. All of the sudden a little boy reached out and grabbed her hand pulling her along with him into a vast number of trees with an aggravated look on his face. So i followed the two. "Didnt you hear me ophelia when i called out to you", the girl flinched at the tone of his voice."Why were you just standing there cluelessly, they could of found you". She sighed and shook her head " I know i just got lost im sorry Christian". Christian calmed down and turned and smiled at the girl "its fine Helia just stick close too me and I'll make sure we bet the twins".  The girl looked at him with an smile of her own. " its a good thing i have you chrisy". Christian nodded his had and giggled "if i wasnt here you would of ended up wandering off into the twins hands and lost with your bad sense of direction". As i watched the two pair walking around i couldnt help but wander who tbe twins are, or where am I? It couldnt be a memory because i dont recognize the boy or remember ever doing this. I started to get ffustrated with the whole situation that stop in my tracks, and the two kids venture deeper into the woods. Once i did that everything seem to freeze in time the rain had stop mid drop. Then, all of a sudden everything around me started to change. Instead of stsnding in the woods i was in front of house that was up in flames i looked around to see if anyone made it out. But there was no one without any thought i ran into the burning house. The heat was intense but for aome reason it didnt hurt it just tingled. I started looking for any survivers and thats when i heard a lil girls screams i ran up the stairs in search of the girl. I can to an open entrance to what looked like a office it was littered in flames. I jump through and stop in my tracks when i say the gore two bodies ripped apart and the little girl from previously crying trying to wake them but to no avail. "Mama!!papa!! Wake up please wake up dont leave me". I tried to call out for her but she didnt turn my way i try to touch her but my hand pass right through her. Then all of the sudden her cries stop and she looked up at me with a twisted face saying " remember you have to remember". Then she started clawing at me her face slowly starting to drip down until there was nothing pure darkness. With just me standing alone. I tried looking around, and calling out into the darkness, but nothing happen no reply. I started to panic i ran around trying to find a exit. Until i heard a distant sound of boots hitting the ground with a hard thud. I turn around swiftly towards the sound and call out to it or whom it could be. But, no answer back all i can hear is my own heart drumming in my chest. As fear started to creep over my entire being. Thats when i heard a dark chuckle and a sinster voice called out saying. "Where have you been hiding little one I been looking everywhere for you". I did understand what the figure meant until i looked at my own hands and say that they were small found a reflection and saw that i was the little girl from before. My body stilled in place holding my breath i didnt dare to utter a single word. That sisnters voice called out again "after all these years i wanted to get rid of you family but your parents hid you good but not too good, now your time is up little one". Thats when I heard the pounding of his boots hitting the ground as he ran in my direction. I ran off not knowing where to go, and the fruther i ran the darker the path became. All of the sudden i felt cold hands wrap around the back of my neck picking me up his nails digged into my neck tighting his grip. He lean down and whisper in my ear saying in a cold voice "I got you little one and thats when I felt my throat closing ever so slightly." I felt a sharp pain in my neck as a defeaning snap echo throughout the darkness. My eyes slowly closing as death swept over my whole body. Ophelia shot up from out of her bed panicking panting for air as she rub her throat. Closing her eyes as she sighed out of relief "God its was just a dream im fine, im okay". She threw her comforter of on her sweated body and went into the bath and splash some cold water on her face. Holding on to the edge of the sink looking at her reflection in the mirror she repeated the same two phases " im fine, im okay". She went back to her room and for the rest of the night she was restless twisting and turning in her sleep scared of dreaming again.

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