17 Chapter 16

While Leon was preparing to kill those fish with magic alone, he compiled everything he learned the past week. Although he didn't learn new skills, all his stats with the sole exception of luck had increased. Training Dash not only improved his stamina but now and then also increased his speed. Training the speed of his earth sphere also increased his dexterity and control. Meditation also increased his intelligence now and then… and his non-stop and single-minded training made Leon increase his mentality and willpower.

Health: 25 +

Mana: 65 +

Stamina: 19 +

Strength: 17 +

Dexterity: 10 +

Speed: 11 +

Intelligence: 13 +

Endurance: 19 +

Control: 10 +

Mentality: 10 +

Luck: 01 +

Recovery: 65 +

Willpower: 10 +


Status: 09

Skill List

Active Skills: Strong Arms Lv 5, Throw Lv 5, Analysis Lv 1, Bash Lv 1, Dash Lv 9, Mana Transfusion Lv 5, Earth Manipulation Lv 15, Water Manipulation Lv 4, Wind Manipulation Lv 1, Concentrated Shot Lv 1, Fire Manipulation Lv 03,

Passive Skills: Fear Resistance Lv 6, Mental Fortitude Lv 4, Perception Lv 4, Pain Resistance Lv 12, Rage Lv3, Fire Resistance Lv 4, Accuracy Lv 9, Craft Lv 13, Farming Lv1, Archery Lv 6, Cook Lv 5, Poison Resistance Lv 6, Martial Arts Lv 1, Spearmanship Lv 8, Staffmanship Lv 4, Meditation Lv 7,

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Leon progressed quite a lot in the last few days, but it was getting hard to level up his skills. Even Earth Manipulation that he used dozens of times every day was progressing very slowly. Although his control and precision while using increased it, he still had a long way ahead of him. Leon barely could create a sphere with the size of a soccer ball, after all. Regardless, he was feeling quite confident that he would exterminate those fish and take a bath that day.

Leon approached the ocean and concentrated; he had to use all his mana to control a sphere with the sturdiness and speed he felt satisfied with. Their numbers were now close to forty, and even though Leon could easily kill all of them using the fish trap, he was determined to do it using magic alone.

"Let's see if those days practicing didn't turn out to be a waste of time."

It was hard to make something sturdy of sand or mud, so Leon made the sphere out of the ground in the forest. Although much mana was used to control even a small object like that, there were a few advantages. For example, as long as the target couldn't move at stupid speeds, Leon would always hit, just like he did. On his first try, one of the fish got hit in the head and died instantly.

"Ah… don't go away."

The dead fish started to bleed and slowly was returning to the ocean, the tide was weak, but it could do that. Leon wanted to make a stock of fish in case he doesn't find them again, but it couldn't be helped. He wouldn't enter their habitat and put himself in danger for food. Leon tried to move the sphere of earth inside the fish head to bring it to him, but he gave up when his mana almost became empty.

"I can finally defeat them from a safe place… but it is troublesome that I can only do that only once each ten minutes."

It was troublesome, but it was an alert not to let Leon get ahead of himself. He obtained some crazy abilities, but he wasn't powerful. In the end, the job of killing the fish became quite a boring one. They were stupid and didn't have ranged attacks, so they could only die without being able to do anything. Unfortunately, almost every single one of them was taken away by the tide. Only the last one became Leon's lunch and dinner; despite that, he didn't drop his guard. His objective was to clean his clothes and wash his body, so he waited for a few minutes. Only after half an hour, he felt safe to enter the ocean and clean himself, but he didn't relax for a second.

Although there was no one around, Leon felt quite troubled to train naked while waiting for his clothes to dry. Regardless, he couldn't afford to wait. More than two weeks had passed since the crash, and he barely had the power to kill a fish that looked like slime in comparison to dragons.

"I meditated a lot these last few days to increase my mana… but the growth is so meager. Shall I spend more time using my body than just staying still?"

Despite the fact that he was increasing his mana without relying on free status alone, Leon was feeling like he was wasting time sitting for two hours doing nothing. He was getting impatient, there was no sign of the airplane wreckage, and Leon didn't see airplanes or ships passing nearby. The only things he saw in the last weeks were dragons and fish… he was getting really impatient.

"It is obvious that I have to rely on magic to return home… but how long will I have to train on this damn island? I don't want to spend years here only to return home and find my own grave in my hometown's cemetery!"

Leon breathed in and out several times to calm himself; there was no point in getting angry. He only had to keep training, and eventually, he would have the skills to return home.

Since he was overthinking, Leon decided to spend the rest of the day training with the staff and spear instead of meditating. He was thinking of useless things because he had too much energy to spend. It was time to train until he collapses from fatigue.

In the end, Leon thanked himself for that, because the next day when he woke up, he found his new neighbors: a group of fish that were blue, had tridents, and could walk.

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