Two Sesang

An entangled prophecy- " She shall be holding seven hearts swathed in her fingers," An act of divine power- "How can this be possible?" Asked the queen bemused and distorted. She walked warily towards the seven broken energy forms of life. She was brooding standing all shocked. One written fate- " Who are you guys? Why does my power calm down when it comes to you?" Asked the first princess bewildered. "Love can change everything," said the older Hyung. "Love is a weakness" the third princess retorted. "Weakness is needed to make us remind of our designated home," said another man. "Home?" The first princess asked bemused. Seven fates of the powerful princess of forerunners are in the hands of seven mere humans. *The misted surroundings of fog* *The feeling of petrichor filled in the air* *In between the sierras* *There lies the Great Kingdom* A world filled with magic and power. A kingdom ruled by integrity and honesty. A Queen that speaks justice and authority. A world that was hidden beneath the layers. Seven princesses in the race of sovereignty. *The beautiful Earth.* *Habitant of leaving beings* *Human race* Seven k-pop stars. BTS. The biggest boyband on Earth holds the biggest fandom and is the current sensation. The seven kings who ruled many hearts. Two groups of people in their adventurous journey. Warriors and Singers. An oddly matched fate entangled with one prophecy. One curse, that will cause chaos. One prophecy that will collide the worlds. A mixture of the real world and a magical one can grab your attention. Seven powerful princesses and seven kings of the singing world. Would it do any difference? The seven princesses in search of one key, meet the seven Kings of Earth. Witness the collision of two worlds. Witness the battle between evil and good. Witness the entangled fates of the odd couples with fun, emotions and war. Witness the story of Meridith VS BTS. "Two Sesang." Disclaimer: It is a work of fanfiction.

Wendrila_Kundu · Fantasy
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41 Chs


Humans are the most abundant and widespread species of primate, characterized by bipedalism and large, complex brains. This has enabled the development of advanced tools, culture, and language. Humans have upgraded themselves into high socials and tend to live in complex social structured composed of many cooperating and competing groups. From families to kinships and networks to political states.

If we talk about the population of Earth in today's world, it has set to 7,868,872,451 by 2022.

Since 2020, as the pandemic hits, life has changed for everyone. The human race that was racing in real life to achieve the impossible has been slowed down. Businesses went down and the economy falls drastically.

What they needed to live is "hope". And at this state, every hope turned into darkness.

Every industry made an impact during this pandemic as the government shut down the whole world in a way. People became crazy and hopeless. There was no food and no job for many of them. And to those who had, has been minimised.

The life we know as the "fastest" lifestyle of humans has been paused. People were dying out of an unknown virus. Fear was spread across their face.

Every 100 years, humans have somehow faced the downfall of the human race. Be it covid-19 in 2020 or 1918 H1N1 virus.

But while the world was surviving these deadliest pandemics, the only thing that somehow smoothens the human soul was music. Science and doctors, it has been proven that "Music therapy is an established form of therapy to help individuals address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs"

And while we talk about music, in today's world music industry is worth $443 million.

Individuals have music and artist alternatives. There are many musical artists that individuals preferred. But there is one particular band I want to talk about. BTS. The Korean boyband is known as Bangtan Sonyeondan worth $100 million in the music industry.

The band who have the biggest fandom. The self-made kings, and the kings who ruled many hearts. The music denotes and explores beautiful meanings like self-love, the hidden emotions of the youth, issues of society, loneliness, pressure, and depression.

The music that inspires and aspire many.


In its most general sense, the term "world" refers to the totality of entities, to the whole of reality or to everything that is. The nature of the world has been conceptualized differently in different fields. Some conceptions see the world as unique while others talk of a "plurality of worlds". Some treat the world as "One simple object" while others analyze the world as a complex made up of many parts.

Just like many things are yet to be discovered in this world. We are also unknown of another powerful world known as Meridith.

The world can be amazing if we look closely. Mysteries and enchantment are surrounded us. But unlike any other power, magic chooses the one with their destiny to face.

And so, there was a bridge, that was unknown to humankind and any other living beings.

Meridith is located in a parallel world just like Earth. It is an inhabitant of the descendant of forerunners. A mythical world, hidden away to save its culture. And just like that, there were many different planets hidden from the eyes of the evils and the ones who are not destined with them.

For decades, humans and other species have been debated over the fact of a "Multiverse". But no such records were found yet. To protect these worlds from the hands of any matter, it was to be kept secret.

Life is not fairytale, but then again for someone, it is. But what if fairytales are so much more than just reality as well? What will happen when we started to see what we are never meant to be?

What will happen when it will clash with each other? Will they bring peace or chaos?


Hello guys!! I am back with a new story for y'all.

This will be fanfic. As a BTS army, I do support them with all of my heart. On a serious note, I did research on many of the topics before writing them here on the internet about BTS and the music industry. Not everything is fictional.

As I have promised you this book will be a mixture of both. The Mythical world Meridith is also written from the research of Olympus.

Do let me know your opinion about this book. I am a bit nervous cause I don't know where will this book reach. But I do have hope for you that my work with be appreciated.

This is not a regular fairytale... this is your imagination tale.

Also to those who somehow hate BTS. I am not here to offend any of you. I personally was inspired by their music and thus choose to write about them. Stick to the very end to know more about Meridith VS BTS.