Twin Detectives
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Twin Detectives


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What is Twin Detectives

Twin Detectives is a popular web novel written by the author Shoujoeye, covering TWINS, HACKER, ACTION, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPY, MYSTERYROMANCE, DETECTIVES, SYNDICATE, ROMANCE, CRIMES, Teen genres. It's viewed by 16.2K readers . The novel is being serialized to 65 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


They were the famous high school detectives; their mother is currently the police chief at the 7th division office. They were known for letting case perfectly closed and apprehended most of the criminals within the vicinity. But one day, their mother died and left a hint to lead them where to investigate and solve the case. They don't know about their parents' past until they start investigating and found the half piece of the answer. As they try to solve their mother's death, they experienced multiple crimes that hinder them to find the answer immediately. Until one day, they encounter the most dangerous crime... they fell in love. Watch them as they go through these crimes and found out their true stories behind it.

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what an exciting story! this novel is lit🔥looking forward to read your next chap updates! more power to you author❤ finally found the story that matches my taste💕 love itt


I like this novel. It's a good detective story with two great characters. From the design to the conversations is everything well-thought-out. For everybody, who likes mystery or Sherlock Holmes stories, this is a great novel to read.


I have actually seen this book from before, and I am really happy to give this novel a five star review! The synopsis is great, the characters are mysterious, and the cases are interesting; I love it! I have only few chapters from this book, but I am loving it already!


Nice plot! Update please!!! Nice plot! Update please!!! Nice plot! Update please!!! Nice plot! Update please!!! Nice plot! Update please!!! Nice plot! Update please!!! Nice plot! Update please!!!


this story is such a dope! the plot is something I live for! waiting for next chapters to come. Hey you! yes you, you did not came here unexpectedly. You need to read this story! luv it! ❣


The story has potential. But there are some grammatical faults that I noticed while reading. The author should proofread them and write the sentences more clearly to make them look interesting. Otherwise, good work!


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