107 President Mo is Angry

Translator: Yunyi

"Godfather, you are wrong. Do you think he would be interested in someone like Tangning who is arrogant and has an average background? I'm not sure how she managed to get connected to Mo Ting, but in the end, she did indeed benefit."

"I don't think a man like Mo Ting could possibly be tied down by a measly model; he is the almighty king of the entertainment industry, he can have whichever woman he wants. So, as you saw...although he helped Tangning, he refused to reveal their relationship."

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"Just wait and see. Mo Ting will get married sooner or later and Tangning will fall from her perch. When that time comes, we will have the chance to go against Tangning," Lu Xiaoqian reasoned as he watched the backs of the trio disappear into the distance.

"How can you be sure that Tangning won't be the one that Mo Ting marries in the end?"

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