1251 Wind, Strong Wind

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

There was a fleet of eight cars, each of which could carry eight people. However, they brought along a lot of luggage and so each car could only sit four to six people.

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The engines of the eight vehicles roared, and with the momentum of Godzilla on the road, they rushed north along the highway.

One thousand kilometers later, the road conditions became vastly different.

The infrastructure in the Siberian region was very primitive. The city and its surrounding area had pretty decent infrastructure, and the roads were well-maintained. As they penetrated the more deserted area, the road seemed to disappear very soon.

In that vast region, there were no roads connecting the cities and towns. From that, it could be deduced that Russia's finances were in an embarrassing state. Compared with the United States and China, the regional development was far from decent.

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