118 Who Dared To Move

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"Bones Community, a clinic. Quick!" Li Du covered the phone and said to Hans.

Hans looked confused. "Oh?"

"F**k! Don’t bullsh*t, quickly get to a clinic in Bones Community! Do you know where it is? Sophie is in trouble!" Li Du roared.

Godzilla mumbled, "I stayed there before. There is only one clinic."

"Go there quickly! Fast!"

Godzilla stepped on the gas; the Iron Knight let out a furious roar, and suddenly started to charge forward.

Hans said calmly, "What is it?"

The phone call ended. Li Du said, "It’s Sophie. She called to say she’s in trouble. I’m still not sure what’s going on."

"Call the police," Hans instructed. "That sh*tty place is like hell on earth. The three of us may not be able to deal with it."

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Ah Meow popped its head out, snarled and bared its’ claws. "Meow, meow..ow!"

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