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Li Du fulfilled his promise and bought a lot of food and booze for a party.

After she learned that Li Du and her father had built the siege tower, Sophie came to the cabin after work.

Li Du brought her to the top of the siege tower. "If there were a city tower here, you could change into traditional Greek clothing and become Helen of Troy. I would bring my soldiers to conquer the city and make you mine."

"Who are your soldiers?" Sophie laughed. "Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles and Ah Ow?"

Li Du looked at the Ah Ow and laughed, "Forget it, then. If they are my soldiers, I might get myself into trouble here."

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Ah Ow was not like her Mexican wolf ancestors. She was afraid of heights.

Li Du tried to pick her up just now but she ended up howling and peeing everywhere. It made Li Du sick.

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