155 Tucson

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Both of them were tempted by the Hundred Thousand Club, but they could not go home immediately. They had to stay in Tucson for a few days, as the journey to here had not been easy.

However, Hans was very proud of the two of them. He made a call to the Phoenix branch of the Association of American Auction Hunters, and told them that they would apply for membership a few days later.

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Li Du warned him, "Be low profile dude. We must work as if in high profile, and keep ourselves under low profile. This is definitely what’s smart."

Hans proudly said, "I have had enough of keeping myself under low profile, bro. Stop talking about this—let’s have some fun! All the expenses in Tucson are on me!"

Tucson was a city in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. It was surrounded by rolling sand dunes and clusters of cacti.

During the journey, Li Du had been worried that the photos could not be sold at a good price. Therefore, he didn’t observe the city closely. Now, he was relaxed, curious about Tucson.

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