989 Tribal Militia

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Li Du had an extra follower with him.

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This pygmy was not a teenager anymore. He couldn't tell before because he could hardly see anything in the cave. In the military camp, however, Li Du could see the wrinkles on his head. From the look on his face, Li Du could tell that he was not very young.

However, he was as timid as a teenager. He was still grabbing onto Li Du's clothes and mumbling, "Halp meh! Halp meh! It's my one! I no steal!"

Li Du gave Sophie a phone call. Sophie used his account and immediately transferred 500,000 dollars to Remonin's account.

When Remonin saw the money in his account, he became extremely happy and couldn't stop smiling.

As Lu Guan saw that, he said softly, "Boss, isn't he a little sad for a warlord? What can you achieve with 500,000 dollars?"

Li Du gave him a glare and whispered, "Nonsense. This is not a warlord. This is a tribal militia."

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