262 Treasure Trade

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Goatee Garter browsed for some time. He too had his eyes on the crystal chandelier.

He walked back to them and asked, "What’s the value of the chandeliers?"

Li Du said, "We’re not planning to sell them. If you like them, you can take them, but you’ll have to take all the other stuff around it."

Garter said in disdain, "That’s all junk, why would I take any of it?"

"You expect to get something valuable for free?" Li Du asked with a chuckle.

"The chandelier is already broken," Garter continued in displeasure. "A lamp that doesn’t light up, isn’t a good lamp—you can’t consider it valuable!"

"Alright," Li Du shrugged, "suit yourself, that’s our condition."

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The reason that the George brothers and Garter weren’t willing to accept these conditions was that they came with their pickups. For small pickups like theirs, this mountain of trash was too much.

"Let’s change the conditions, alright?" Garter said. "Like, I can buy it with cash."

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