1207 Travel Around

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Nevada was a vast, almost uninhabited desert with small scattered towns built by miners in the era of the great Western adventure.

The eastern part of the state especially, including the Las Vegas area, was a desolate desert with very little water and vegetation.

There were, however, some water sources, the most prominent of which was Lake Mead.

Because of its unique status, the Nevada State government built a trail park in the area, including 110 miles of Lake Mead and 67 miles of Lake Mohave.

Li Du had some interest in this wetland, which was based upon a rare sand-water terrain. That is to say, the wetland was next to the desert, and there was no gradual transition between them. The great lake and the desert were near neighbors.

Driving on the 93 highway, they soon saw a large building outside the city. This was the Allen-Barber visitor center, which provided the trail park with entertainment and information.

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