391 Tough Days

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Being the director the organization, Ma Zhi-an carried the application forms and recommendation letters with him wherever he went.

Hence, after Chen Haonan had filled in the recommendation letter, and Li Du had filled in the application form, Ma Zhi-an signed his name; Mr. Li was now a member of an organization.

Putting the forms away, Ma Zhi-an extended his hand with a smile. "Welcome to our organization, Brother Li. I hope that we’ll help and support each other as we make our mark in America."

Li Du shook his hand. "Definitely."

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Ma Zhi-an was someone who knew his place, and did not overstay his welcome. After helping to accomplish this matter, he finished the beer in his glass and then left.

After a few minutes, a Native American man came over and placed a dozen glasses of fresh beer on their table.

Li Du said, "Excuse me, we didn’t order this."

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