356 This Is For You

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Li Du was confused when he saw all this mess. He asked Robbie quietly, "Is this man crazy?"

"I heard what you said, I heard you!" the young man pointed at him.

Li Du was shocked; this guy had good ears. He had been whispering just now and the young man had been playing with the golden retriever. But he could somehow still hear him.

Conrad stopped and said, "I'm not insane—of course not. But I might have issues because I get mad easily. I'm anxious, but who cares? It doesn't kill, right?"

Li Du had talked behind his back and he’d been caught. He nodded, feeling embarrassed. "You’re right."

The golden retriever wanted to play again. It jumped on Conrad's back and knocked him over.

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Conrad pushed the golden retriever away, yelling, "Go away, Little Plane!"

The golden retriever speedily ran away.

Conrad got up and reached out his hand. "We know each other now. Hi, Li Du. I'm Max Conrad—"

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