883 They Might Not Meet Again

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Li Du dragged out a lounge chair and sat in his usual spot. He put his legs into the clear water in the ditch and enjoyed a foot bath as the water flowed through.

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It was Ali's first time there. It jumped along the ditch with curiosity. Ah Ow bolted towards Ali and pushed it into the water with her front paw. Although the ditch was not that deep, Ali was still young, so it choked on the water when it fell into the ditch. It was frightened to death. It flapped its paw as it struggled in the water.

Sophie immediately helped Ali out of the water. Ali's face was distraught and fear could be seen in its big kangaroo eyes.

Ah Ow knew that what she had done was wrong, so she ran away immediately after pushing Ali into the water. Sophie was so annoyed, she chased after Ah Ow while Ali was behind her waiting for revenge. However, the two of them couldn't catch up to a full-grown Mexican wolf.

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