937 There's a Creature

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What Li Du hated most were f*cking scammers, f*cking scammers, f*cking scammers!

Without a doubt, the Mexicans and Rodin were scammers. They had guessed that he was rich and decided to scam him since he was a newcomer.

The three of them were nervous. However, the Mexican forced himself to remain calm and said, "How does that have anything to do with me? It has nothing to do with us. You can have your discussion about this diamond all by yourselves . . . "

"How about we settle this with 10,000 dollars? Or, how about we let the police investigate this?" Li Du was confident with his conclusion.

He believed that this was not their first crime. There must be someone who had been cheated before. Someone had to have reported them to the police. And if the police did arrive, the three of them would suffer unpleasant consequences.

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