568 The Swishing Water

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The flat cactus meat was the first to finish cooking. Godzilla brought them some. Li Du had known that Sophie didn't like strong tasting food. Seeing that Big Quinn roasted mainly black pepper and spicy flavored cactus meat, he knew Sophie wouldn't like it.

Because of this, he went over and found some honey sauce and cooked a new piece for her.

"Boss, you seem to have brought everything needed for this work trip," Big Quinn said with much admiration.

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Li Du replied, "Pity we aren't driving an RV or else I would have brought the whole kitchen for you guys."

"Then it's about time you bought one," Big Quinn responded.

After much consideration, Li Du felt that it was a great idea and planned to buy one after earning a bit more money.

His profits for this trip to find fire opals were not low. Just this afternoon, he had already found around 10 pieces of opal that were of good quality and could be easily sold for 80 to 100,000 dollars.

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