1077 The Road to Earning Money

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As the warehouse door opened, all they could see were shelves upon shelves.

The shelves were very tall and made of a stainless steel frame with solid wooden

boards across. They were five to six meters long and two to three meters tall. In order to

get things from the top shelf, one had to climb a ladder.

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The shelves were fully packed. There were clothing items, blankets, bedsheets, bowls,

plates, cutlery, books, magazines, and mechanical tools.

Besides these, there were also some things stuffed at the corner of the warehouse.

They were mostly packages consisting of boxes, backpacks, and handbags.

The prison guard who led them there said in a laidback tone, "Arrange these things

according to their categories. Today you have to put at least ten shelves in order."

He looked at the shelves again and appeared to change his mind. "No, that won't do.

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