586 The Responsibility Was Mine

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Old Deckard had started cooking before he went to find them. He roasted some chicken until it looked white and tender.

As they drank the beer, the chicken finished cooking. Old Deckard took out the chicken, placed some sausages on the roaster and said, "Fragrant spicy chicken salad complemented by Winslow beef sausages. You guys will feel so satisfied."

There could be no salad without dressing and vegetables. He brought out some tomatoes, capsicums, onions, and cut them into small pieces before cutting up the chicken and throwing everything into a salad bowl.

After which, he heated up a pan and threw some seeds in for stir-frying.

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While he was stir-frying, he introduced the seeds. "These are fennel seeds, coriander seeds, and black pepper seeds. I am making garam masala. This dish would not be complete without garam masala."

Li Du did not catch what he said. "What? Chacha malala?"

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