924 The Predestined Sky

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New Yorkers are proud—their accent shows that.

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The American English accent didn't have much variety—there was no more than the difference between the north and south accent. New York was unique because it had its own accent, and the local people were proud of that accent.

As long ago as the Copernicus era, someone knew that the earth was not the center of the universe, and Bruno defended this truth with his life.

But that didn't make sense in New York: they thought that New York was the center of the earth and the center of the universe, and this fact was something New Yorkers were proud of.

Li Du could understand this feeling. Just like in China, residents of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou were proud of their hometown. New York was the world's first city. It would be normal for them to be proud of their city.

It was afternoon when they arrived in New York. After they had wandered about, it was almost dinner time.

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