254 The Precious Bottle

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Hans was excited to see the green Santa Claus bottle had caught Mr. Sanders’s eye.

"What about this bottle?"

Bauer replied, "Not bad—this bottle was made by Coca-Cola in 1922, the first edition of Santa Claus on Coke bottles to celebrate Christmas."

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"Just now I heard you saying this is a collector’s bottle?" Li Du mentioned, emphasizing the keyword.

Bauer nodded his head. "Yes, in 1922, Coca-Cola was not a popular drink yet. There were fewer people drinking it during winter. Therefore, the number of bottles produced was small—they sold less than 5,000 bottles during that period."

Hans commended, "You’re so familiar with the history of the beverage maker. You’re like a walking treasure yourself!"

Bauer was someone who liked to hear nice things being said about him. He said proudly, "Of course. I know this version of Coca-Cola bottle especially well because I also collected some items related to it."

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