221 The Majestic Ocelot

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The door of storage unit 11 was opened, and a bunch of bayonets appeared in their view.

Under the afternoon sun, the bayonets shined brightly as they reflected the sunlight.

"Oh sh*t, this is a weapon storage?" one of the treasure hunters shouted excitedly.

Immediately, someone mocked, "Fool, you don’t know your stuff. Where would there be real weapons in a movie? These are all props—all of them are worthless."

The crowd queued up to look. After less than a minute at the entrance—at most 30 to 40 seconds—the auctioneer would gesture for the group to leave.

"Sh*t, I haven’t seen enough!"

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"That’s not enough time. I just blinked once, and I’m already being chased away."

"They could just split up the units and auction them on different days. D*mn it. Are they rushing to meet God or something?"

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