192 The Heroic Duo

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When Li Du opened the backpack, Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles came rolling out.

The two of them were biting each other. Ah Meow had its paw on Crispy Noodles’s head while Crispy Noodles attacked its butt. Both of them were growling at each other.

But the moment both ocelot and raccoon saw Mr. Li, the two animals immediately turned into two obedient pets. They kept their mouths closed and sat nicely side by side.

When Hans witnessed the hilarious scene, he couldn’t control his laughter. "Buddy, how did you train them? Both of them look so well-behaved!"

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Li Du gave the two furry kids an icy glare. "Well-behaved, huh?"

As if in answer to Li Du’s question, Ah Meow had a docile look and nodded its head. Its eyes were big and round; it looked really adorable.

Li did not actually train the two animals. The raccoon had a natural fear of the ocelot, but ever since the little bug had entered Crispy Noodles’s head, it had made it more intelligent, and even rational.

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