1063 The Godfather of the Street

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

There was a graffiti on the snow-white inner wall of the warehouse. In the middle was a telephone booth. There were three secret agents wearing brown trench coats, top hats, and glasses outside the booth. Each of them had a special listening device set in hand, eavesdropping the empty booth in a serious manner.

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The graffiti had a background of an empty street. Combined with a telephone booth and monitoring secret agents, the atmosphere was pretty good. The creator's ability was extraordinary.

In the corner of the graffiti, there was a signature of Banksy and a logo, a figure with a backward cap and a black bandana.

Looking at this piece of graffiti, Hans was stunned. He asked, "So this is what caught your eyes? What is this?"

Li Du said, "Don't spend all your free time chasing after girls. Instead, learn more and read more. Take a look at yourself, you don't seem to know anything."

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