527 The Genius of Marketing

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After looking over the house, Li Du and Sophie thought it was fine to buy. They didn't have to ask the opinion of Big Quinn; Li Du could see his bright eyes through his glasses.

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Of course, that was his point of view. He still had to ask.

Li Du took Big Quinn aside; he asked in a low voice, "What do you think about this house?"

"If I can buy this, it will be the best house I've ever lived in," Big Quinn replied.

After getting the answer from Big Quinn, Li Du knew what to do next.

He exchanged his contact information with the house owner. "I am definitely interested in this house. Speaking of the price, is there still room for negotiation?"

"I am sorry, sir," the owner said. "Because I am in a rush to get rid of it, I have already offered my lowest price. Unfortunately, there will be no more negotiations."

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