288 The Ferocious Hellcat

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To get a good car, they had to go to Phoenix.

While Flagstaff was a wealthy town, it was still a small town with its population only a fraction of Phoenix’s. A larger market existed in the state capital.

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The two of them rode on a Greyhound bus to the state capital. This type of bus was a scenic route option out of America’s well-developed transport network and could be said to be an iconic symbol in terms of American transportation.

The Greyhound bus stop in Flagstaff had been around for many years. While well-maintained, it looked like it had seen better days—the tourists regarded it as an attraction to be visited.

Hans was in charge of buying tickets. He flashed a credit card at the window, and two tickets appeared.

Li Dun said in shock, "So intelligent? No need for a code? Just swipe the credit card, and the tickets appear?"

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