314 The Extraordinary Umbrella

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On the way, they saw Godzilla and Big Quinn with the Iron Knight driving toward them. Hans swerved the Hellcat across the lane and stopped directly in front of the Iron Knight; while doing that, he popped out his head and shouted, "Hey, stop!"

Godzilla stopped the truck. Big Quinn jumped out and asked, "What’s up?"

As the two vehicles stopped, the cars behind them slowed down.

When a car drove past them, the driver gasped when he saw Big Quinn get down from the truck, and gleefully commented, "That stupid fella overtook the truck—he’s going to be in trouble!"

"Hey take it easy, that black guy looks like he's going to kill someone."

An old Ford stopped beside them; a kind old man alighted and said, "Young man, he just wanted to be in front, he didn’t mean to offend you, don't be rash, okay?"

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Big Quinn had become accustomed to being treated as a bad guy. He took off his shades and nodded in a friendly manner. "Of course, we—"

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