559 The Community Auction

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Looking at her pouting red lips, Li Du was dismal. Could my lady give me some due respect? I was really going to show you a magic trick. I was not finding an excuse to kiss you!

Not able to explain himself, he looked toward Ah Meow and the other two furkids, and stretched his hand out, pointing diagonally forward.

Ah Ow thought he was calling her, and swiftly ran back.

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Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles understood his intention; they blinked and ran diagonally toward him, causing the swaying bushes to make swish sounds.

Someone shouted, "Over there!"

The three of them appeared together from the behind the tree and fired at Ah Meow. Without hesitation, Li Du activated his Time Deceleration ability and instantly, his opponents' actions unfolded with reduced speed before him.

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