531 The Cactus Meal

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Li Du was not the most intelligent person. However, since youth, he had known what he wanted. He had also been well aware that his family would not be able to provide for him what he wanted.

So he had worked extra hard in school. He knew that as someone without any strong financial background or support, he could only depend on education to change his destiny.

He did well on his high school exams and made it to a highly-regarded university back home. But for his postgraduate studies, he was more ambitious. As he had always wanted to study overseas, he was conned into entering that fly-by-night university.

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In order to dedicate himself to his studies, he gave up on many things, including the chance to pursue puppy love in school.

While he did have a pint-sized girlfriend during his kindergarten days, the pathetic Mr. Li hadn't been in love since. He'd never had the slightest chance of being kissed.

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