227 The Bug’s Hard Work

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Unit 35 was abandoned and deemed worthless. Frank and York’s expressions were chilling.

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This unit was the highest bid of the day, and it had made the two lose at least 100,000 dollars. Even if the other units could close that gap, they were still embarrassed.

To treasure hunters of Frank and York’s level, a unit mistakenly bought with the highest bid of the day was an incredibly embarrassing blunder. It was inevitable that Frank was so enraged.

Frank gritted his teeth and led his men out of the storage unit.

Someone carefully tried to remind him, "Boss, this unit hasn’t been fully cleared out yet."

Frank said angrily, "Shut up! Forget about that first, go to the next one!"

York smiled and said, "Don’t flip, brother. The items in 28 will surely be fine. Our source is very reliable, it has what we need."

Hearing that, an interested treasure hunter asked, "What info did you guys get?"

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